Trays are popular

Trays are popular

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To go from the kitchen to the dining room, for a TV set, a breakfast in bed or simply as a decoration on your credenza, the trays can be useful! Small or large, rectangular or oval, design or classic, they are the decorative asset of our interior. Here are 10 models to get urgently for a greedy and lazy back to school…

Black it's black

Zara Home Zara Home revisits chic and timeless black with these lacquered tray tops that invite you to indulge! A bit baroque, they go perfectly with the surrounding light / dark decoration.

Futuristic graphic

Hay The Danes of the Hay brand had the good idea to imagine this funny collection of trays, composed of multiple elements of different shapes and colors. Have fun nesting and assembling them to form a futuristic painting on the living room coffee table!

A dedicated site

Lesplateauxdudimanche Meal trays have taken a real scale in recent years and have become a lifestyle in their own right! Céline, passionate about gastronomy and beautiful culinary presentations, has dedicated a blog to them,, in which she exhibits these latest creations. Gourmet recipes mix with new tableware in a very graphic atmosphere: at the editorial office, we fell in love with its universe!

Art Gallery

Ibride A painting exhibited as a work of art… and why not? These funny characters, half-human, half-animals, form a surprising gallery! Like the hanging of family portraits in the bourgeois houses of yesteryear, imagine a humorous decorative wink in your kitchen or even in the living room: guaranteed surprise for your guests.

The return of naturalness

Dille et Kamille The tray follows the ambient trend and is displayed in a raw, almost monastic form. The untreated wooden board now serves as a tray and accommodates convivial aperitifs as well as homemade desserts!

Hammered metal

Ikea Oriental spirit for this metal tray which goes perfectly with the cement tiles of the splashback and the simplicity of the kitchen. True charm assets, the trays are displayed today without complex on the wall or on a table as a decorative accessory in its own right.

Prehistoric jungle

Seletti Hats off to these ultra design cake trays, which will be particularly appreciated by the youngest! Birthday snacks will now take on a whole new flavor…

Black & yellow

Ikea This very graphic kitchen signed Ikea was imagined like a contemporary painting. The yellow tray placed on the worktop harmoniously recalls the color of the chairs and the wall storage unit.

Breakfast in bed !

Alinéa It is often too rare a Sunday morning pleasure… Breakfast in bed reminds us how pleasant a nice tray with hot coffee and pastries is. For more comfort, choose a tray with folding legs that will wedge between your legs ensuring the stability of your hot drink!