How to use the tables in the decoration?

How to use the tables in the decoration?

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In the house, the paintings sublimate the decor while dressing the walls and giving a real style to your interior. It is therefore important to place the tables well in order to give them a beautiful part in your interior but this is not always easy. Also, we invite you to discover in pictures tips to install your paintings for a very decorative effect.

Tables for a graphic wall

Fly ### To energize a wall, you can also combine a multitude of small paintings or photo frames. To create a very graphic effect, align the frames well by creating a geometric shape like a rectangle or a square.

Tables for an art gallery effect

Leroy Merlin ### In a corridor or on a fairly long wall, you can also multiply the paintings and the frames but this time to create an art gallery effect. We then choose tables of different dimensions that we will accumulate over two or three rows. This is ideal if you are a collector.

Tables on the floor

Paragraph ### Note that the paintings are not only installed on the wall! Indeed, the trend is to dress the floor with your paintings and other frames. It is then enough to place one or more tables against the wall on the floor.

Tables on your furniture

Yves Delorme ### Finally, if you do not want to install your paintings on the wall and drill it and the floor solution does not suit you, note that you can also install them directly on a wall in order to have them eye height. Again, do not hesitate to multiply them.