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Loft style revisited in the living room

Loft style revisited in the living room

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To live happily, we live without partitions. When the loft trend reappears in decoration, it comes in several styles. Whether the style is seventies, country, contemporary, New Yorker or industrial, the only rule is to create an airy and open space where you breathe. Let’s knock down the walls!

Contemporary loft

The loft style revamped contemporary version, this gives a living room that combines light, feeling of space and modernity. Design furniture and clear decorative elements with contemporary notes provide the final touch to a fluid and refined decor.

A New York touch

Let us not forget that it was the Big Apple that democratized the loft trend. First characteristic of New York lofts, the red bricks evoke a very "Brooklyn" urban style that immediately sets the tone, with an * underground * aspect.

Industrial fair

Lighting borrowed from factories, marriage of gray, black and red tones for billiards: here, neither the decoration, nor the color code were left to chance. The dilapidated look of the seventies dictates the atmosphere for a trip back in time.

A loft-style barn

Here is a well thought out layout for this barn. With an open space, it embodies the spacious spirit of lofts while preserving its traditional allure specific to the countryside. Did you like this place? Continue the visit in our Decorative Photos section!