Matali Crasset in pictures

Matali Crasset in pictures

Matali Crasset has established herself today as an extraordinary artist. Since the 1990s, this all-inclusive designer likes to adapt to each universe. His works are also recognized for their original forms and their intelligent uses. Among them, we discover colorful objects, furniture, scenographies but also hotels. The editorial team has selected for you its ten most beautiful creations.

Bedroom stilt of the Dar Hi hotel in Tunisia

Jérôme Spriet Nowadays, high spaces offer exceptional panoramas. The designer Matali Crasset shows us his conception of the * Overwater * room in his Dar Hi hotel in Tunisia. From their suite, customers are in awe of the palm groves of the city of Nefta. They take advantage of an airy atmosphere with a small table for distraction, a large bed for resting and a designer bathroom at the back.

The Dar Hi hotel lounge in Tunisia

Jérôme Spriet The sofa, the fireplace and the golden ornaments in the Dar Hi Hôtel's living room immediately propel us into an atmosphere that is both cozy and oriental.

The exterior room of the Hi Hotel in Nice

Jérôme Spriet 200 meters from the Promenade des Anglais, Matali Crasset designed Hi-Hôtel, a living space in Nice combining tradition and originality. Inside, she imagines Hi-Studio, a room with a vegetable look where the furniture turns into a real indoor terrace.

The bathroom Concrete from the Hi Hotel in Nice

Jérôme Spriet The Utop'hi room from the French Riviera concept consists of a bathroom in a cube of light, highlighted by yellow neon lights for the shower and red neon lights for the toilet. Tourists will enjoy a relaxing beauty break in a rock'n'roll atmosphere.

The house of the little ones

Jérôme Spriet The artist designed the children's house, a play area for children aged 0 to 5 in the Parisian artistic production site, 104 CENTQUATRE. She created a universe that was both fun and bright, made up of scenari leading to a personal aesthetic.

Pastry essentials in collaboration with Pierre Hermé

Bernard Winkelmann / Alessi The all-round designer befriends the French macaroon lover Pierre Hermé. They concoct together for * Alessi *, the pastry essentials. Here we find a cake or pie display tray. This kitchen object is available in three colors depending on the size of our sweets: yellow, orange and brown.

The hospitality column When Jim goes up to Paris

Patrick Gries A click-clack solution for sleeping, Matali Crasset has found it. She designs for Domeau & Pères the extra mattress * When Jim goes up to Paris *. To use this new form of sleeping bag, just open the gray zipped column to find a mattress and a screen. The high resilience foam offers unique comfort.

Hi Beach in Nice

Jérôme Spriet This decorator in perpetual motion has set up by the Mediterranean Sea, Hi Beach. Thanks to its originality, it brings back the simplicity of the seaside to a friendly and modern art of living. Discover a haven of peace where well-being remains the watchword.

Le Nichoir

Camille Hoefgartner / Le Vent des Forêts Au Vent des Forêts dans la Meuse, a famous outdoor contemporary art space, the former collaborator of Philippe Starck built Le Nichoir, a building linking everyday life to the beauty of nature.