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Alinéa presents its 2013-2014 collection

Alinéa presents its 2013-2014 collection

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Alinéa, the furniture and decoration specialist since 1989, has oriented its new fall-winter 2014 line around four styles: modern, charm, natural and whimsical. To discover in pictures!

A vintage office

Alinéa The wooden * Emotion * range of Alinéa preciously brings together our treasures: books, personal items and souvenir photos. Her * Dalia * white armchair and her * Aquila * desk with Scandinavian design convey vintage air to the living room.

A modern dining room

Alinéa The convertible sofa * folds out * covered with a magnificent duck blue fabric adds a tonic touch to your studio or even in your teenager's bedroom. Functional, it also serves as an extra bed for a guest.

A glossy room

Alinéa The black * Gloss * dresser furnished with the wooded bed * Central Park * offers a soothing atmosphere to this room located in the attic. The palette of black, white and beige colors mixed with graphic codes makes us feel like in a harmonious studio in the heart of the SoHo district.

A room separated into two spaces

Alinéa The dressing room is considered to be a piece of furniture used to optimize space. The Altea / Opal composition remains the ideal solution for sharing a stay in two spaces. This sliding kit in red glass with a design look gives either the possibility of sharing a meal with the family, or of watching a good film in a friendly atmosphere. Everyone has their own universe!

American cuisine

Alinéa Alinéa puts American cuisine back in the spotlight! She designs * Rimini *, a glossy black lacquer kitchen to compose yourself according to the desired style. To bring a touch of originality, the brand plays on contrasts by adding wooden bar chairs * Siwa * with colorful seats.

A children's bedroom

Paragraph It is important for toddlers to enjoy an ecological and natural room. The Alinéa brand then makes available a line of soft furniture made from pine wood from sustainably managed forests.

A "made in Brooklyn" atmosphere

Alinéa Alinéa offers two new collections of paintings to feel like in the magic streets of the. People will head for their living rooms more to images of the Brooklyn Bridge * Bridge * while fans of 5th Avenue, for their part, will favor photographs of famous New York buildings * Typical NYC *.

A chic and industrial bathroom

Alinéa In New York lofts, brick is a key element. But, who would have thought that it enhanced the wall of a bathroom? The French decoration chain has thought for the winter 2014 collection to decorate the industrial bathroom. For this, she created the * Kota * vanity units in black steel and * Terrazo * in wood, offering the spaces necessary for our toilet instruments and beauty products.

A loft-style bathroom

Alinéa The * Native * set in light oak nicely lights up this pop rock bathroom decorated in black. It adapts to a studio, an apartment or even a house.