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Color for my credenza

Color for my credenza

If you want to give fantasy and pep to your kitchen, choose a colorful touch! No need to buy new furniture, the choice of a splashback full of color can be enough to change the situation! Here are some bold examples that should inspire you.

Blue lacquer paint for my credenza

Fly ### Dare a color full of punch for the splashback of your kitchen! The turquoise blue in lacquered paint that here refreshes the room where we simmer small dishes, away from the winter greyness.

A red frieze for my credenza

Point P ### To awaken a slightly sad credenza, one of the solutions is to opt for a colored frieze. Look how a simple line of red dressed alone is enough to boost a gray kitchen splashback. Small details that change everything!

Purple paint for my credenza

Fly ### If your kitchen furniture is made of wood, here is a splashback color that will go perfectly with your furniture! The result is original, with a touch of exoticism. A purple full of character which you might never have thought of apart from the classic colors for the splashbacks: white, black, gray… So, that gives ideas, doesn't it?

Cherry tiles for my credenza

Point P ### Colorful is not necessarily flashy. If you are looking for a splashback of original color, remaining at the same time sober and elegant, here is one that you should like: cherry red.