Choosing the right wood type for interior construction

Choosing the right wood type for interior construction

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Beams, door frames, windows, wall coverings… Wood is present everywhere in our interiors and gives them this unique warm and natural look. Resistant and affordable, this material proves to be a great ally both in pure construction and in finishes. The Make Your Home Show, which was held in Paris from September 20 to 22, 2013, clearly understood the enthusiasm of the French for sustainable architecture: various spaces and conferences presented new builders as well as the choice of materials. The opportunity to take stock of the wisest choices in terms of wood species!

What kind of wood for my stairs?

Lapeyre The traditional stairs are mostly made of solid wood. In addition to the classic options (height of the steps, presence or not of a railing, baluster, etc.), the carpenter often offers a panel of different wood species. The choice will be made according to the frequentation of the staircase: essences of wood said "hard" for a frequent passage, and a softer wood for stairs little used. Oak, ash or beech - known for their durability and resistance - are perfectly suited for making stairs with repeated passage. For a staircase little used (such as the staircase to the attic for example), the fir or maple will do the trick.

The choice of parquet

LCB After having been neglected for a while in favor of carpet and linoleum, parquet is back in force in our interiors. Soft to the touch, warm, aesthetic ... its many qualities make it one of the favorite floor coverings of the French. At the time of purchase, it is however difficult to determine the choice of gasoline: this last will depend above all on the frequentation of the room! Thus, places with moderate traffic (corridor, bedroom, etc.) will be able to accommodate alder, spruce or even fir parquet. We will opt for harder woods like cherry, walnut, chestnut for the more crowded rooms (living room, dining room ...). Finally the kitchens and entrance halls - which know the most passage during the same day - will be covered with oak, eucalyptus or movingui parquet floors.

Zoom on exotic woods

LCB Tropical wood combines characteristics that make it a material with various uses, offering multiple layout solutions. Endowed with a great diversity of species, tropical wood adapts to each constraint of use. Inside the house, the softness of the latter brings real comfort of use, even barefoot. Noble, warm and pleasant to the touch, it dissipates heat, while remaining fresh and pleasant. Be careful however with the choice of wood when buying! The professional association of the wood trade reminds us that tropical species must have the FSC and PEFC label, which indicates the path of the wood used, from the origin of the raw material to the finished product.

The paneling in question

Lapeyre The paneling is an interior covering which can be laid in part or on all vertical walls, roof crawlers and ceilings. After experiencing a period of trough in terms of success, it is once again acclaimed and is riding the wave of Nordic decor, very popular now! The choice of essence is above all aesthetic, and is made according to the desired rendering (modern, rustic, contemporary-design, nautical, etc.).

Windows and front door

LCB If PVC has made a significant breakthrough in recent years in the field of interior carpentry, wood still has its followers and continues to constantly renew itself in terms of style and rendering. Discreet, modular and efficient, wooden joinery brings an extra touch of charm to the decor. When the constructions are in contact with the outside (windows, entry door, etc.), we opt for a wood species that is weather-resistant, insulating and waterproof. Tropical woods, oak or ash are ideal for this use.


Castorama Fir, soft and handy wood par excellence, is used for many interior woodwork. Paneling, interior doors and parquet are the most common uses of this softwood. Very affordable to buy, the tree remains an essence with limited durability. It requires regular maintenance and cannot be used for certain interior woodwork (windows in contact with the outside, very busy staircase, etc.).

The Oak

Castorama Durable, noble, aesthetic ... oak brings together almost all the qualities expected for the realization of interior joinery. The only downside is the price ... which remains justified! Oak is the most widespread tree in France, before pine: it represents 40% of the essences, deciduous and coniferous trees combined. Its resistance to insects and fungi (natural durability) is very important thanks to its high tannin content. Today oak wood is still commonly used in carpentry, parquet flooring and veneer production: it is one of the few species that you can choose with your eyes closed, especially when you know that quality and durability are there!

The doors

Leroy Merlin How to choose a door from the wide variety of models? It all depends on the rendering you want! For a classic or rustic look, opt for hard to semi-hard woods (oak, beech, etc.). Contemporary decoration lovers will choose fir, hemlock or pine: guaranteed Nordic design atmosphere! If the essence chosen dictates the style of the door, it will not necessarily suit the doorframes and the opening of the latter. Ask your carpenter for advice!

Interior decoration

Castorama Wood can be an element of choice to bring a warm or designer atmosphere to an interior. These pretty MDF (wood fiber panel) strips allow the light to filter while structuring the space of the room. Be creative and let the wood enter your interior, sparingly or in total look!