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Mini cooking pianos, maxi decorative effects

Mini cooking pianos, maxi decorative effects

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Who has never dreamed of a magnificent cooking piano in the center of their kitchen? We agree, this kind of stove is a perfection! Unfortunately when the size of his room is too small, we are reduced to admire among others. The good news is that today cooking pianos are available in mini version, still just as desirable but this time they come into our kitchen!

Aga City 60, Pink

Aga Available in a range of 14 colors, the Aga City 60 today adds two new shades to its palette: lemon yellow and pink. Price: from € 6,835 (depending on color)

Falcon, Mini Classic, Cream

Falcon Same width of 60 cm for the minis of Falcon. They are all equipped with four gas fireplaces including a multi-crown, a plancha grill as well as two multifunction ovens. The Mini Classic fits perfectly into a vintage-style kitchen. Price: 1199 € (also available in black)

Falcon, Mini Kitchener, Black

Falcon The Mini Kitchener imposes some despite its small width, it is the perfect companion for all those who love the contemporary style. Price: 1099 €

Falcon, Mini Professional +, Stainless steel

Falcon For those looking for professional results, the aptly named Mini Professional + provides both a total stainless steel look and full black. Price: € 1,299 (also available in black)