A smart studio to recreate at home!

A smart studio to recreate at home!

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Setting up a studio is no small task. Between the decorative concerns and the problem of lack of space, it's not easy to find the right solution. To help you, we invite you to discover the strong points of this well thought-out 15m2 studio in order to organize your space.

Shopping list: a kitchenette

Castorama Indispensable for preparing small meals, the kitchen area should not take up too much space. We then opt for a complete and compact kitchenette that combines a stainless steel worktop with sink and electric hob, storage drawers and a refrigerator. All for 389 euros at Castorama.

Shopping list: a convertible sofa

Goal When you run out of space, you have to think 2 in 1! Suddenly, the sofa also becomes the bed thanks to a convertible model. Be aware that to save money, we will prefer a sofa bed or a BZ which are cheaper than conventional sofas. From 150 euros at But.

Shopping list: a practical table

Fly To have a dining table, again, you have to bet on a small table that will take up little space in the room. The trick: choose a model with extensions to enlarge the table when you receive without taking up space the rest of the time like the Lunch table at Fly (129 euros).

Shopping list: Foldable or stackable chairs

Ikea To save space, consider opting for folding chairs or stackable stools. You will be able to adjust your space according to your needs in terms of number of seats. (Ikea PS stool 35 euros).

Shopping list: a wardrobe with mirrored doors

Fly To store your clothes, put on a large wardrobe. But to enlarge the space, we choose mirrored doors that will give a new perspective to the room. (Initial at Fly, 349 euros).

Shopping list: wall storage

Purpose To optimize storage, we do not hesitate to use the wall surface. With a few lockers to attach to the wall and shelves with invisible fixings, you will get a decorative and practical wall. (From 7 euros at But).

Shopping list: high storage

Castorama To save space, we use height! With a column storage system, you will optimize the space in style. (From 40 euros at Castorama).

Shopping list: an original vinyl floor

Castorama To give style to the room, you can dare a vinyl floor with an original pattern. It will be the trendy touch of the piece, easy to install and inexpensive. Count 9.90 euros per square meter at Castorama.

Shopping list: paint to structure

Castorama To delimit the living room / kitchen spaces while adding color to the room, paint part of the room in a trendy color that will work just as well for the night as for the day. Blue will be ideal, for example.


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