Trendy schoolchild throughout the house

Trendy schoolchild throughout the house

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Kindergarten chairs in colored plastic, educational cards, dormitory beds, the school invites itself today in all rooms of the house. To help you bring this atmosphere into your home without false note, follow the guide!

A classroom in the children's playroom

Maisons du Monde Recreate a real classroom atmosphere in the bedroom or in the playroom with your little ones. A desk with retro lines, a blackboard, brackets here and there and a map of France will do the trick!

A map of France in the lounge

AM PM This map of France seems to have escaped from a classroom of the 1950s with its aged appearance. And we say yes to the idea of ​​installing it in the living room above the sofa to give a touch of originality!

Dormitory atmosphere in the children's room

AM PM If your little blond heads share a room, you just have to adopt the retro atmosphere of the dormitories with metal beds installed next to each other. Bet all the same on colored linen and funny decorative accessories to avoid the too strict atmosphere of the pensions of yesteryear.

Back to kindergarten in the kitchen

La Redoute In the kitchen, we go back in time to find ourselves on the colored plastic chairs in the kindergarten rooms. La Redoute offers four colors to accompany your table: light gray, celadon blue, yellow and anthracite gray.