The birds are flying in the background!

The birds are flying in the background!

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If you love birds, you may have qualms about putting them in cages, but in your decor, that's no problem! In fact, the birds take over the house by installing themselves on the walls as well as on the fabrics or in decorative objects. Demonstration.

Birds flying on the walls

Umbra ### So that it is spring all year round in your decoration, bet on a poetic flight of swallows with chrome reflections which are simply fixed with adhesive. Your decor then takes on a light and airy style in a jiffy.

Birds to hang

AM.PM ### To brighten up your decor, you can hang pretty little birds all over your house. To create a very bucolic atmosphere, we choose a birdhouse on which we will hang the mobiles.

Birds at the table

Koziol ### To give a rural and very original spirit to the table, we turn to Koziol which offers a series of accessories in the shape of a bird. You can stop your bottles with a sparrow or salt and pepper your dishes with a small bird.

Birds on the cushions

Ferm Living ### Finally, for the birds to settle in your living room, choose a cushion on which a bird has landed. Do not hesitate to marry this cushion with other very colorful models in order to enhance it.