DIY decoration: 20 tutorials to create a plant suspension

DIY decoration: 20 tutorials to create a plant suspension

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Plants suspended in the 70s style are once again making a strong comeback in the world of decoration, enough to appeal to fans of the retro vintage trend. No more traditional plants placed in pots vertically, now we dare to originality and fantasy with hanging plants. Discovered on Pinterest, discover twenty ways to make a plant holder. Enough to occupy your long autumn evenings!

A suspension in Fimo paste

Inspire me pretty With its original unstructured shape, its wooden beads in various shades and its string, this funny suspension in polymer clay has it all! More info on this DIY: Inspire me pretty

An ultra decorative cord

The Lovely Drawer Here's a simple, decorative idea for customizing a traditional flowerpot. Take a white cord, color it with different bright colors of your choice. Wrap and fix, using glue, the rope around your pot and admire the result. Pretty pretty right? More info on this DIY: The Lovely Drawer

A suspension for eucalyptus

Oh the sweet things What if we returned to a more authentic decoration that would bring us closer to nature? With this wall hanging made from eucalyptus leaves, wood and wire, it is possible. A homecoming that couldn't be better! More info on this DIY: Oh the sweet things

A crocheted plant holder

Ritalechat Still hesitating to crochet? This pretty creation, ideal for beginners, will make you change your mind. To your needles! More info on this DIY: Ritalechat

A hanging teapot

Hanging on with a colored thread, the most banal of teapots will transform into a practical and fun decorative accessory. See rather! More info on this DIY:

A leather plant holder

Vintage revivals Cut out the shape of your choice from a piece of leather. Round, square or rectangle, the choice is yours! Fold your piece in half and then, using a hole punch, make small holes in which you will place small golden eyelets. You just have to pass the rope, make two three knots here and there and voila. More info on this DIY: Vintage revivals

Custom flower pots

A pintainha Old fashioned lace? Not at all ! It invites itself on our terracotta pots to give them an additional charm and originality. Simple but frighteningly effective! More info on this DIY: A pintainha

A miniature globe as a pendant

Pop & Soda We admit, this is by no means a plant holder, but at the editorial office, we couldn't resist the urge to present this very green pendant to you. So if the heart tells you, take a miniature globe, a chain, a little bit of potting soil, moss and a small succulent cuttings and go quickly take a look at the Pop tutorial & Soda. We put our hand to cut that you will not be disappointed! More info on this DIY: Pop and soda

A tin can

Dawanda If the diversion of objects has no more secrets for you, we challenge you to make this recovered suspension! A chain, a few washers and nuts, cans of the same size and a little patience will be necessary to overcome this DIY budget. More info on this DIY: Dawanda

A plant suspension in a plastic bottle

Cemlon Plastic bottles lend themselves to a thousand and one poetic transformations. Today, the trick is to divert them to a plant suspension. Easy to make and inexpensive, you will need to obtain mainly wire and plastic bottles. Guaranteed effect! More info on this DIY: Bored Panda

A copper plant suspension

Plan B by Morganours Copper is THE trend of the moment! In love with this pretty shiny and warm material, make yourself a plant suspension at a low price from an Ikea salad bowl, a spray of copper paint and rope. An ideal DIY for small purses! More info on this DIY: Plan B by Morganours

A suspension of coconut plants

Poppy Talk Fresh from the tropics, the coconut brings an exotic note to the house with this original suspension made from a coconut shell, a spool of string and a drill. More info on this DIY: Poppy Talk

Macrame plant suspension

Mamie Boude Macramé is on the rise this season. Want to bring a bohemian touch to your spaces? We select pots of different colors and nylon or cotton ropes, braided or not! The result ? Beautiful colorful touches for your interior! More info on this DIY: Mamie Boude

A suspension for flower pots

Homemade modern Because not everyone is lucky enough to own a garden worthy of the name, we have to find fallback solutions to add a little greenery to our daily lives. Bring your aromatic plants into your kitchen by making a wall hanging with a few wooden boards, flower pots, rope and a saw. A simple but effective and practical suspension! More info on this DIY: Pioneer settler

A copper rod for hanging plants

Morganours To protect its delicate outdoor plants, we are now making a plant suspension. To make this unusual decorative accessory, you will essentially need a rod, small hooks, paint, a melamine bowl, leather cord. More info on this DIY: Morganours

A chandelier to hang the plants

While they snooze Not sure what to do with your old chandelier? Give it a second life by diverting it into a refined plant holder for the garden. It could not be easier ! You just need to get flower pots, paint and the famous chandelier. More info on this DIY: While they snooze

A plant suspension in a wooden case

Wicker paradise Are you short of space in your interior to have your plants here and there? Hanging plants with a wooden crate can be an economical and space-saving solution. It's your turn ! More info on this DIY: Wicker Paradise

A hanging wall trellis to imitate

Fréderic Malphettes Composed of metal rings and wooden coat hooks, this wall trellis is composed as desired. A fun way to create a graphic structure where to place planters and hanging or even climbing plants. More info on this DIY: Company Edition

Fans as a plant hanger

Rancho reubidoux Your fan is broken? Don't throw it out! You can transform it into a small hanging planter. Incredible but true, follow the tutorial from Rancho Reubidoux to make this beautiful and surprising pendant light. More info on this DIY: Rancho reubidoux