Girly carpet celebrating

Girly carpet celebrating

As winter comes to an end, the carpet is once again the star of flooring. And for good reason, we like to walk on this very soft and ultra comfortable floor, on which we are certainly not cold feet! In terms of decoration, when she arrives in the bridesmaids' room, it is with girly or glamor adornments that she dresses. Flirtatious carpet!

Long live the fuchsia!

Leroy Merlin ### To boost the decor of a room, nothing like a color full of pep. Have you thought about painting a whole wall of the room in a fuchsia color? And if we attributed this vitamin coating to the carpet? It will be enough on its own to awaken the fantasy that lies dormant in girls ...

Glamorous red

Leroy Merlin ### We roll out the red carpet in the bedroom. Star life begins for teens! Admiring yourself in the mirror now takes on its full meaning, while the decor is enhanced by this glam floor.

Soft pink

Saint Maclou ### The color of the girls reveals all its charm and poetry. A light pink carpet for a powdery atmosphere or a boudoir atmosphere, we say yes!

All purple ground

Saint Maclou ### Another very popular color for young ladies: mauve. This dark shade gives character to the space while giving it a feminine and elegant look. We love !