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10 spectacular wall decorating ideas

10 spectacular wall decorating ideas

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In hotels, decorators do not hesitate to stage the walls so that they are the centerpieces of the decor. This gives rise to spectacular wallpapers or trompe l'oeil that are sure to inspire you. Besides, some individuals do not hesitate to imitate them. So why not you ?

A false sky opens the ceiling

To extend the spectacular decor of the walls, some do not hesitate to invest the ceiling. This gives rise to false skies which open the room outwards for a poetic and idyllic decor like at the Seven hotel.

Animal decoration

To stage your walls, sometimes you just have to play with the materials. Here, an individual has opted for an animal skin effect wallpaper that has a leather look with clearly visible roughness. Amazing!

A textile decor

What if to change wallpaper and paint we opt for fabric on the walls? It is the idea of ​​the First hotel which deceives the eye with a textile imitation wallpaper of the most beautiful effect.

A graphic wallpaper

To enhance any space, some wallpapers have the gift of bringing a graphic and artistic note to the image of the Fornasetti wallpaper used by the Triangle D'Or hotel.

An architectural decoration

At the Hôtel Crayon, the decorators have bet on walls that modify the proportions of the space thanks to a wallpaper that takes on architectural motifs. The most: colored parts for a more playful air.

Walls and poetry

To send a message in your decor, nothing like a poem that settles on your walls. The hotel Le Pavillon des Lettres has therefore opted for a wallpaper that incorporates a text that supports the theme of the hotel.

The house in a garden

At Bellechasse, we used trompe l'oeil wallpaper to offer an exterior decoration inside. The wallpaper indeed takes over a garden and offers a new perspective to the room.

A jungle atmosphere

In this particular interior, we also opted for trompe l'oeil in order to make its interior travel beyond the walls. Result: the jungle wallpaper gives an exotic atmosphere to the room.

Patterns to stick

Finally, this private individual decided to stage his walls with colorful and very graphic rosettes imagined by Conceptuwall, which he installs here on a credenza.