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Minimalist decor to visually enlarge the space

Minimalist decor to visually enlarge the space

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Down with the overloaded decorations! When you want to visually enlarge the space, nothing like leaving room for the essentials. Yes, by sorting and prioritizing the refined trend and good storage, the interior seems more spacious without having to push back the walls. Simple but effective.

Minimalist decor in the room

Goal ### A very graphic headboard, curtains, a cottony carpet, a nice chair and a bedside table. Gone are the rooms where the heap of trinkets and objects tires the mind! The fluid and airy space implemented in it is indeed ideal for letting go of relaxation. Without counting on the choice of light shades chosen, highlighting the softness offered ...

Minimalist decor in the kitchen

Goal ### The worktop and the sink on one side, the hob and the storage space on the other. Here is a kitchen in which we move easily with its two poles distributed on the opposite walls. Inevitably, the room seems 2 times more spacious.

Minimalist decor in the living room

Fly ### The sofa, a coffee table, a bookcase and a wood stove against the wall. Here, the living room has just what you need without neglecting the softness spirit, which is embodied by the soft carpet, the pouffe and 4 fur cushions. We breathe.

Minimalist decor in the bathroom

Lapeyre ### With its furniture fixed to the wall, the arrangements of this bathroom free the floor to give a feeling of space. Clever and practical when cleaning.