How to make a loft bed for a little boy?

How to make a loft bed for a little boy?

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Warning ! Each child has their own vision of the ideal bedroom. Think of hers according to her needs but also her expectations. We have identified for you, on the canvas, different models of loft bed that can adapt to your boy. Here are 10 that will allow you to create storage, an office or a play space, at your choice!

Functionality above all

La Redoute Interiors All in one, this loft bed is perfect for saving space in a small bedroom. It includes a removable desk, a shelf and even a closet, very practical for storing a few toys or making it, for example, a car garage.

To cram everything

Anders Below the bed, you install a large library. With a storage cube system, this loft bed is perfect for saving space in a bedroom. And thanks to the integrated desk, you optimize the room even more.

Well thought

De Breuyn This bed is upgradable, you can transform it into a low or bunk bed, if you wish later and you can personalize it with colored panels but also pennants and many other ideas.

Evolution and security

Ikea Same system here. Reversible, the bed turns over and can be used as a low or high bed depending on your child's wishes. Plus, set up a bed tent to create a real cocoon and thus a feeling of tranquility. He will be delighted with the fun aspect of the system.

We climb and we slide

Lifetime Install accessories to improve your loft bed: here, a slide to descend at lightning speed but also a play tent. Easy to set up, you can easily remove them when your child has grown up.


Lifetime A real cabin perched in the trees! With its walkway and its rope, these wooden planks, this loft bed alone defines the spirit of the room, festive and fantastic. It will be the ideal benchmark for all budding Robinson Crusoes. Notice to all adventurers!

Even stronger !

Woodland This multifunctional loft bed adapts to all ages thanks to its unique modular system. Through five mounting options, it supports your child from one year and through to adolescence. Here, in a pirate version, you choose the different game accessories - the last step before transforming it into a more classic sleeper.

Place to study

Doimo Very original, this bed is actually a mezzanine desk. Located on the upper floor, it offers a comfortable and large workspace, with a bookcase and a blackboard. A fun idea but which is nonetheless practical and safe.

In duet

Doimo From a block, you create a space for each of your children. A central staircase allows you to store and install a bedside table to share. And on each side, under their respective beds, your boys set up their own space, desk or lounge.