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How to make a loft bed for a little girl?

How to make a loft bed for a little girl?

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Do not rush ! If you plan to install a loft bed for your child's bedroom, it is best to understand your daughter's needs but also her expectations. Here are 10 tips that will allow you to properly arrange the room, space saving effect or playful decoration. We've gone around the question.


La Redoute Interiors All in one, this loft bed is perfect for saving space in a small bedroom. The high bed and the design of the furniture allow plenty of storage, just like a desk, a shelf and even a closet, very practical for storing a few toys or making it, otherwise, a doll's house.


Conforium Same principle for this multifunctional children's bed in silver and white lacquered wood. Innovative, this practical piece of furniture has in addition to a bed-drawer and many other arrangements so that everything is in its place.

Perfect integration

Clei This clever bed wardrobe offers a modular system, thanks to a retractable device that allows you to take full advantage of each square centimeter of space for an optimized surface.

Cubic feeling

Dearkids Vitaminized color for this room, thanks to accessories that dress the mezzanine. The block, quite simple and in a very contemporary style, is associated with warm tones to accessorize and personalize your daughter's room according to her tastes.


Isa Mo While light, choose an almost invisible mezzanine that will blend with the rest of the room. What then leave your daughter, again, the opportunity to decorate her room as she wishes. Otherwise, make room for her to let her imagination run wild.


Lifetime Like a small tent, place a veil over this mid-high mezzanine in order to create a canopy bed and thus bring a reassuring feeling to your little girl and install a real, rather amusing little cocoon.


Nidi In a more refined style, this Scandinavian-style mezzanine will bring a modern touch to your daughter's room. His spacious office has an ideal work area for concentrating and therefore studying.

Nice coordination

Ros This set of furniture consisting of a loft bed with built-in shelf and cupboard but also a desk is a very matching block with color reminders. You can also compose your daughter's room from different pieces of furniture from the trade but customize them with paint and stickers in agreement with each other.


Ikea This mezzanine offers a complete solution for your little girl's bedroom, with a desk, a wardrobe and a shelf. Using the different modules, you make up the ideal space and bed for your child.


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