Colors and small spaces

Colors and small spaces

When there is a lack of space, we often say that white will be ideal for enlarging the space. However, color is a real ally for shaping volumes and giving depth to your rooms. Discover in pictures which colors to choose and how to use them in small spaces.

Vitaminized walls

Julia Schmidt & Anne Fath June architect To energize a small kitchen in L or U shape, you can opt for a white monochrome worktop and add a color to some walls, as in the photo. This will give relief to the room and appear larger. A word of advice: prefer a lacquer finish that will be more shiny.

Ultra girly toilets

Ikea Often, toilets are installed in a very narrow room when they are not in the bathroom. But, this is not a reason not to decorate the room. Lay colored tiles and install mirrors and lights to further illuminate the space.

Brighten up a small hallway with a bench

Castorama Your entrance and your corridor are narrow? A tip is to place a small colored bench that will serve as a seat for putting on your shoes or putting down your shopping bags without losing space. Add cushions and photo frames for the decorative touch.

A comfortable little balcony

Transition Interior Design by Margaux Meza & Carla Lopez If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, even a small one, you might as well take advantage of it! To do this, colorful garden furniture will brighten up your outdoor space. You can also re-paint and repaint an old chair in a bright orange or yellow.

Decorate a small office

Leroy Merlin If you work at home, it is important to have a dedicated and personalized workspace to feel good. However, this is not always obvious when you live in a small apartment. Paint a wall in a tone that suits you and hang these small shelves to easily decorate your desk with photo frames and trinkets.

Dare multicolored toilets

Leroy Merlin No matter how narrow this space is, it will be used on a daily basis, so long as the decor is attractive! Play with colors by laying tiles of different colors to give a good facelift to the room.

Having colorful furniture

Julia Schmidt & Anne Fath June architect Whether in a narrow reading corner, a small living room or a space dedicated to children's games, opt for colored furniture to visually enlarge the space. An armchair, a bookcase or even a pop carpet will immediately make the difference.

Showcase your shoe cabinet

Ikea The shoe cabinet is the kind of essential furniture but which takes a significant place in a small apartment. Instead of storing your pairs of shoes anyhow in your closets, prefer a colorful, compact and well-compartmented furniture on which you can put objects.

Install a dining area in a kitchen

Julia Schmidt & Anne Fath June architect Optimizing the space of a small kitchen also means installing a dining area in the room. For this, it is better to select fine wooden furniture and think of delimiting the floor spaces with pretty cement tiles very trendy for example.

Painting a separation

Ikea In a small bathroom, it is not always easy to optimize the space. So consider investing in corner furniture in order to have more storage space and save space. Similarly, install a small partition painted in a vitamin color to frame the shower cubicle so that you can fix a towel rack or other accessories.

Colorful wallcovering

Ikea Dare to color even on the walls! This is how you will energize a long kitchen, a small bathroom or fairly narrow toilets. The result ? A playful room, brighter, and more welcoming for you and your guests.

Repaint its doors

Purpose Do you live in a small apartment and are looking for a quick and economical way to give it a makeover? Remember to repaint the doors of this one in a pretty color. The eye will then be drawn to the openings and you will have the impression that your room is larger.

Bet on shimmering cushions

Meero / Transition Interior Design Highlight your sofa with various colored cushions. In small spaces, your seat will be more enhanced and the space will be immediately enlarged. Also opt for a glass coffee table, which lets in more natural light.

Set patterned wallpaper

Leroy Merlin Wallpaper has a huge advantage in decoration since it brings color and warmth to a room. Here, a model with geometric patterns was chosen to give more relief to this small living room and highlight the retro furniture.

Install a striped rug

Ikea This rug model is resolutely modern and will go in any room style since it is multicolored. Combine it with other colorful pieces of furniture like a sofa or a footrest and you will get a small dynamic space in which to live.

Wall storage for the living room

Meero / Transition Interior Design Storage can become a real headache in a small living room. To make your life easier, there are colorful cupboards to attach to the walls in order to store books and objects without cluttering the living room (and avoiding buying an imposing library).

Adopt a pastel decor

Ikea If you don't like overly bright colors, you should love the pastel feel of this living room. It offers a very feminine atmosphere thanks to the powder pink on the walls, the soft cushions, and various accessories such as chandeliers or paintings.

An electric blue cupboard

Ikea In this predominantly white studio, the bedroom and the office area are separated from the kitchen by a cupboard and a section of blue wall that acts as a partition between the two spaces. It is a good way to partition the room while having additional storage.

A romantic reading corner

Ikea In order to have a romantic and subdued atmosphere in a small living room, prefer a textured wallpaper to a neutral paint, curtains and cushions with tapestry and not plain patterns as well as candles and auxiliary lights rather than lamps imposing.