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10 beautiful ways to light up the house

10 beautiful ways to light up the house

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When the days get a little shorter, the lighting becomes important. Not only does it provide you with sufficient light, but it also creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. To help you find the lighting that suits you, here are 10 pretty ideas.

A luminaire with several lamps

With this floor lamp, you will be able to modulate the light to enhance your interior. Indeed, you just have to orient the different lamps to change the atmosphere and to light in a different way.

A sculpture light

So that the light becomes a decorative object, we can opt for a sculpture light. When it is off, it will be a decorative object in the room and illuminated it will diffuse an original light which creates a special atmosphere.

Lamps to frame

In this image, it is not the very beautiful designer lamp that must be looked at but the two lamps that frame the fireplace. This tip makes it possible to highlight any element of the house.

A line of light

So that the light is present in the room and provides you with sufficient lighting, think of the online suspensions that multiply the light points for a decorative and effective effect.

Sconces on a wall

To decorate a wall and illuminate the whole room, you can couple the classic pendant lamp with two sconces that you will install on a wall. Do not hesitate to opt for orientable models in order to offer you tailor-made lighting.

Sconces above a piece of furniture

To enhance a bookcase and light it up as it should, you can completely place the wall lights above the furniture and direct the light downwards. Your works will then take on another dimension.

A light garland

For extra decorative lighting, treat yourself to a light garland. You can place it over a sofa or bed to highlight your furniture.

A modular suspension

For tailor-made lighting, think of suspensions and other lamps that allow you to modulate the distance as with this extendable suspension that can be closer to the work plan.

Multiple spots

Finally, to perfectly light while providing a decorative look to a room, the spots are your allies. In this corridor, we do not hesitate to multiply them to create an alley of light. More lighting ideas by clicking here