My Christmas decoration at Alinéa

My Christmas decoration at Alinéa

This year at Alinéa, everyone will find their style to create a Christmas decoration that suits them! It's up to you to compose with the different decorations to create a sparkling and enchanting Christmas.

Warm colors

Paragraph ### For a Christmas under the sign of crossbreeding, take inspiration from the shimmering colors of Eastern countries to create a very bohemian style. Choose a shade of warm colors like red and pink and add a touch of gold for the festive look.

Rubik's Cube

Paragraph ### Who said that Christmas cannot be pop and contemporary? To create an ultra playful decoration, we mix pop colors like red and tangy green to stay in the Christmas style.


Paragraph ### For a timeless Christmas decoration, we put on decorations that combine white for purity and silver. Your decoration is inspired by winter and will make you spend a white Christmas even without snow.


Paragraph ### Finally, to give a very traditional touch to your Christmas table, you can opt for a red table with festive dishes that will ensure conviviality and good humor during festive meals.