A touch of decoration in a velvet glove

A touch of decoration in a velvet glove

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Soft, chic, warm, velvet marks a comeback with great fanfare in our interiors. Used to cover armchairs, headboards or to make cushion covers, it becomes the perfect ally to prepare us to face winter. Living room, bedroom, entrance, we invite you to make room for it with one of our 10 ideas.

A cushion full of pep

An armchair covered in purple velvet and a cushion in the same tones that accompanies it, that's enough to feminize the decor of a living room or bedroom. A real warmer!

An elegant cocktail chair

We love this velvet cocktail chair decorated with pretty floral patterns. Its retro lines make it the charming asset of the room and its anthracite gray color allows it to harmonize in any decor.

A padded headboard

Red velvet in the living room yes, but in the bedroom too! Here, he invites himself at the head of the bed and brings into the room a sophisticated and sumptuous note. We join!

A flashy cushion cover

Velvet has fun this winter with flashy colors to give pep to our interiors. In the bedroom, it is with a bright blue that it awakens the atmosphere in the form of a cushion cover.

A stylish armchair

With its superb bottle green color, this velvet armchair is ideal for warming up the decor of a somewhat bland living room. Installed alongside a wooden coffee table, it caused a sensation!

Mustard yellow cushion

To give a note of originality to a camel leather armchair, choose a seat cushion covered with a beautiful mustard yellow velvet. The mixture of materials works wonderfully.

A classic armchair

Want a touch of authenticity in your decor? Easy with this old armchair with the cozy velvet seat! We melt in front of its warm purple color that slips everywhere.

A refined daybed

For a more feminine salon, what could be more ideal than a chaise longue? Especially if the latter is dressed in a chic and refined red velvet!

Soft stools

In an oriental decor, velvet easily finds its place in a purple-burgundy color. Near this typical bench, it nicely wraps the seats of stools mounted on golden feet. More pics