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Small spaces: I set up my desk in the living room

Small spaces: I set up my desk in the living room

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Because the office is very useful in the house but also because you cannot always devote an entire room to it, you can easily integrate it into the living room. Here are some ideas for finding your office space.

An office in a recess

Ikea ### If you have a small recess in your living room, take the opportunity to install the office there. The recesses often have windows, which will allow you to benefit from a good light to work.

A console-style desk

Ikea ### If you want the desk to disappear when you're not using it, for example, you can choose an office unit that looks like a console. You can thus install it like a traditional piece of furniture in the living room.

A desk with shelves

Leroy Merlin ### To create an original desk that adapts well to the living room, you can opt for a desk that you will create using shelves. You will have a work plan but also shelves for storage.

An office to dress the wall

Leroy Merlin ### Finally, be aware that the office can also decorate the wall. For this, choose large metal shelves that will cover the entire wall and install the desk in the center.


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