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Our selection of beautiful soup books

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Do you like soup and the bewitching aromas that it spreads throughout the house? Do you want to treat your family and all your friends with a comforting dish, without spending hours in your kitchen? Do you dream of eating healthy by including more vegetables in your diet? That's good, selected for you ten pounds of soups to fill up on vitamins and tackle winter on the wheel hats.

Soups for all tastes: 200 recipes & variations

Marabout To warm up in winter, nothing beats a good bowl of soup. Mashed, spicy, rustic, gazpacho, light soups or from the end of the world ... this book offers 200 soup recipes that will appeal to young and old! Among those we expect and love: minestrone, velvety cauliflower, harira; and those we discover to feast on: orange anise pumpkin, young carrots and mint oil, pho soup, it's hard to choose! Sara Lewis, Marabout, 8 euros

Gourmet soup meals

Guy Saint-Jean editor Author of a dozen books on cooking and wines, Anne-Louise Desjardins, journalist specializing in gastronomy and food offers us in this book a hundred recipes for soup-meals grouped into six chapters according to various inspirations: Quebec, Asian, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, African and the Americas. Anne-Louise Desjardins, Guy Saint-Jean, 12.90 euros

Good soup recipes

Mango Editions Soup, a grandmother's thing? Not at all ! Far from its old-fashioned image, today soup is trendy and is even the latest chic for healthy and light lunch. Want to follow the movement? Discover 40 good recipes and variations for tasty, healthy soups full of vitamins. Mélanie Martin, Mango Editions, 7.95 euros

I would make a soup

Easy & organic An inventive cook, Marie Chioca reveals to us in this book her tips for making gourmet soups that are good for your health. On the menu: 60 recipes for all seasons: spring soups with new vegetables, summer glazes, nourishing for the cold season but also for all occasions: festive, full, sweet soups or special "detox" cures… far from monotonous recipes! Marie Chioca, Facile & organic, 14 euros

Mom's soups

Marabout We all have in our hearts a favorite recipe that we think of with nostalgia. For some, it will be a warm and friendly minestrone soup, while others will find something to comfort themselves by finding the reassuring and refreshing taste of gazpacho. If you want to rediscover the great classics and family recipes, this book of 85 recipes is for you! Collective, Home made, 10 euros

Super Soups for a Complete Meal

Marabout A soup as a unique dish, that is completely possible! Through Anne-Catherine Bley's work, discover how to make balanced and complete vegetable soups, or vary the pleasures by adding meats, cereals and other foods for a rich and tasty meal. Anne-Catherine Bley, Marabout, 7.99 euros

The World Tour of Soups

Ouest France The soup alone is a real complete and balanced meal. With vegetables, fish or meat, this book offers around sixty colorful, creamy, refined or classic recipes for all tastes, all occasions and easy to make. Moulined, spicy or rustic, the author offers a little tour of the world, through five main themes: Western Europe, Northern and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean, Asia and the Americas. A culinary journey not to be missed! Christine Achard, Ouest France, 11.90 euros

The Soup Bar

Marabout Chef Finally, more than a traditional cookbook dedicated to soups, the book Le Bar à Soupes has the advantage, in addition to its 130 do-it-yourself soup recipes, of offering accompaniment ideas: small salads , cold meats, and tips for long-term storage in the freezer. How not to crack! Anne-Catherine Bley, Marabout Chef, € 6.95

Market Soups

Prat Editions Go shopping at the premiere, the fishmonger, the dairy, the grocer and cook tasty and varied soups. Hot or cold, daily or festive, you will find in this book more than 100 easy, economical and balanced recipes! At your pots! Annie Bell, Prat Editions, 16.25 euros