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5 ideas to decorate the festive table

5 ideas to decorate the festive table

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To decorate the festive table, you can opt for a few accessories that are sure to enhance your meal. Here are 5 ideas to bring life to your table and amaze your guests.


La Redoute ### Snowflakes are the indisputable motif of winter and Christmas. You will find accessories that take this form, including trivets that you can install on your table to present your dishes.

A light garland

Spoiler ### To bring light to the table and create a fairly warm side, you can opt for a light garland that you will run on the table runner. Festive spirit guaranteed!

Christmas confetti

AM.PM ### Finally, for the festive aspect, you will find many small objects to scatter around the table. Think of the little stars, the fir trees in gold or silver colors to make your table shine.

Precious diamonds

Spoiler ### To make your table shine brightly, you can install small glass diamonds that will sparkle your table. For a very precious style, marry the diamonds with a gold or silver decoration.