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10 ideas for storing bathroom towels

10 ideas for storing bathroom towels

In the bathroom, if there is one accessory that you must have on hand, it is the bath towel. So, to facilitate its storage, we offer 10 ideas to find a place for your towels in the bathroom.

Baskets under the sink

Atlantique bain The towels are stored under the sink, in wicker racks which allow to always have clean towels at the exit of the shower.

A storage column

Ikea With a column, we store while saving space on the height!

A shelf on the wall

Ikea In this bathroom in neutral tones, we fixed an open shelf in height to arrange some towels. The angle is not lost: practical!

Towels by the sink

Ikea In this bathroom, we put on some towels placed on the shelf of the vanity unit and we add a towel holder near the sink to be able to wipe our hands easily.

Towel dryer

Atlantic For hot towels at the end of the bath, your ally is the towel dryer! It attaches to the wall and can accommodate your towels while drying them quickly.

A ladder towel rack

Tikamoon / Ikea For storing and drying towels, the ladder is ideal! Everyone can install their own without cluttering the bathroom.

Towel rack on the wall

Sensea To always have a towel at hand, a towel holder has been fixed in the wall near the sink.

A nice open piece of furniture fixed to the wall

Cuisinella This pretty wooden piece of furniture fits perfectly into the decoration of the room. You can place your towel near the bathtub.

Coat hooks

Ikea To have your towel handy, you simply place a coat hook at the exit of the shower or the bathtub.