50 decorative ideas for a country wedding

50 decorative ideas for a country wedding

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It’s burning!

Archive Rentals

What would a country wedding be without a decoration made of wood! We want it everywhere, and even for decoration. This original centerpiece is indeed mainly made of wood, rather raw, and carved from life. Then spice it up with a few flowers and dishes of character. Source: Archive Rentals

The lawn is there

Brooklyn Photography

Add a touch of green to a very chic table with this green lawn runner. As before, the goal is to combine natural materials with more sophisticated elements. Source: Brooklyn Photography

Greenery invites itself to the table

Style Me Pretty

Same spirit here. A multitude of vases, flowers and leaves are on the menu. The light wooden seats, the table, painted and weathered by time, and even the dishes give a little extra to this plant decoration, a vintage touch for a mastered and refined country style. Source: Style Me Pretty

We love wild flowers

Weddings and Babillages

For a completely country setting, the bouquets are made up of wild flowers. A campaign spirit in keeping with the theme of marriage. They are to be placed on the tables, on the various side tables and on the low walls for a decoration all in coherence and harmony. Source: Weddings and Babillages


Style Me Pretty

We resume the essentials: wild flowers on the tables, in vases and other retro jars to bring a little color - pink, yellow, blue and green of course - to this immaculate table. Country style in all its purity. Source: Style Me Pretty

Only natural

Morning by Foley

There, you can't get more rustic. Simple bales of straw serve as a dining table. A bench mat placed on the whole, and we obtain a flat surface to arrange the dishes and decoration. Same thing for the seats, the bales are this time covered with a white fabric. Source: Morning by Foley

Forest elegance

Paper Heart Photography

Change of register for this table decoration while sobriety and delicacy. The country spirit is represented thanks to the table runner made of moss, all kinds of shoots and fir branches. What give your wedding the unique image you want! Source: Paper Heart Photography

More and more green

The Barefoot Bride

Your main theme in the country theme, the color of hope - perfect, if you think about it, for a wedding - is everywhere! On a relatively white table decoration, we play with the nuances. Almond, anise or mint, we let you choose from an extremely wide range of shades. Source: The Barefoot Bride

In the heart of the forest

Flowerwild Designs

And for maximum effect, install your table in full wood. The decor will speak for itself and won't cost you a penny! An old-fashioned picnic table is enhanced with simple wreaths and neat dishes, nothing more! Source: Flowerwild Designs

Country and rustic


For your country-style decor, don't hesitate to add a few rustic notes. The most original in the middle of your old wooden tables and pennants: let a few hens go wherever they want. Source: Oncewed

Flowered dishes

Wedding Chicks

No question of choosing any dishes on the table! We prefer to select old plates with pretty floral decor. Source: Wedding Chicks

Rustic furniture

Wedding Chicks

An old rocking chair, an old pedestal table, all adorned with pretty bouquets of country flowers. Here are some ingredients to use for your decor. Source: Wedding Chicks

A flowered tent

Wedding Chicks

A stretched sheet, ivy leaves and some flowers, it was enough to give a country style to this tent of lovers installed in the middle of a meadow. Source: Wedding Chicks

Flowers as confetti

Rocknrollbride - Déborah Bost

To change the traditional rice at the exit of the church or the town hall, we opt during a country wedding for a pretty throw of colorful flowers. Sources: Rocknrollbride & Déborah Bost

A flowered wall

Brit + Co

The walls also dress in flowers during your country wedding! Made of paper or real, the result is sensational! Source: Brit + Co

A flowery arch

Wedding Chicks - Festival Brides

To welcome lovers during the ceremony or to create a romantic setting for photos, we dare in the garden a pretty flowery arch with a 100% country look. Sources: Wedding Chicks & Festival Brides

A piece mounted in flowery decor

Bridal Musings - Wedding Chicks

The assembled part must not be left out! Fresh flowers like roses are placed on one or more floors. We are under the spell of the result. Sources: Bridal Musings & Wedding Chicks

A ladder above the table

Bridal Snob - Debbie Doo's

Here is an idea that may appeal to more than one! Thanks to a ladder suspended from the ceiling, you create an original decor with flowers, leaves or even small branches. Sources: Bridal Snob & Debbie Doo's

Upside down roses

Elodie Navarrete - Wedding Chicks

In the form of a suspension or simply suspended from the ceiling with pretty white ribbons, the roses turn their heads upside down in your country wedding decor. Sources: Elodie Navarrete & Wedding Chicks

A flowery ceiling

Modwedding - The Style co

The redaction is literally captivated by these flowered ceilings that will amaze you! This is a decorative idea that lovers of the country style will want to realize at all costs. Sources: Modwedding & The Style co

Old jugs

Style Me Pretty

To present all your bouquets of wild flowers, we suggest that you adopt a multitude of antique jugs of different sizes. Placed next to each other, they create a pretty universe. Source: Style Me Pretty

Hanging flowers

Style Me Pretty - Wedding Lovely

The flowers in number yes, but not only on the table! We dare to multiply them on the ceiling for a romantic and poetic result. Sources: Style Me Pretty & Wedding Lovely

A wooden chest as a vase

Style Me Pretty

Want to present your bouquets in a rather original way while respecting your country theme? Dare the old wooden boxes to highlight them! Source: Style Me Pretty

In the middle of the fields

Thebrokeassbride - La Belle Idée

To have a more rustic decor, we obviously advise you to set up your entire reception in the middle of a wheat field. Sources: Thebrokeassbride & La Belle Idée

Or among the trees

The Beautiful Idea

Another idea that also works perfectly: offer a relaxation area among the trees such as a picnic with a few apple crates and bales of straw. Source: La Belle Idée

The reception in a barn

Love my dress - Something Borrowed

What could be more rustic than a reception organized in or in front of a beautiful and imposing barn? We were particularly seduced! Sources: Love my dress & Something Borrowed

A country photobooth

Ginnybranch - Estate

Frames hanging in the trees or a wall of floral wallpaper, here are two photobooth tips that you can take inspiration from. Sources: Ginnybranch & Estate

Flower barrels

Noiva com Classe - Ideas for a pretty wedding

With their rustic allure, large barrels have no problem lending themselves to the game of country decor. Especially when you install pretty flowers! Sources: Noiva com Class & Ideas for a nice wedding

A gourmet and rural corner

Words of love

We fell for this trailer in which a small gourmet corner was arranged with bales of straw and appetizing red fruits. Source: Words of love

A picnic tablecloth

Emmanuelle Taillemite - Words of love

To give a rustic look to your table decor, bet on red and white gingham tablecloths, which remind us of delicious picnics in the middle of the fields. Sources: Emmanuelle Taillemite & Words of Love

Yummy popcorn!

Style Me Pretty

In terms of delicacies, we play with the different tastes of popcorn that we present nicely in small buckets. A nice reminder of the corn fields! Source: Style Me Pretty

Armchairs with bales of straw

Belle News - Style Me Pretty

To create an outdoor relaxation area, nothing could be simpler than accumulating a few bales of straw to shape armchairs. Add plaids and a few cushions, and voila! Sources: Belle News & Style Me Pretty

Benches for the guests

Northern Pixel Photography - Style Me Pretty

Another seat tip with bales of straw: make benches! For this, you just need to position them at equal distances and have a long and wide wooden board. Sources: Northern Pixel Photography & Style Me Pretty

Wheat ears

Ruffled - SerendipityBySuzanne

We were obviously not going to forget them! What ? But the ears of wheat of course! Imagined in bouquets, they take place on the table, on the edge of the chairs or in the hands of the bride. Sources: Ruffled & SerendipityBySuzanne

Fresh lavender on the table

Style Me Pretty - Rock my wedding

As a decoration for the napkin or presented in a pretty jar, lavender brings a note of freshness to your table decor. Sources: Style Me Pretty & Rock my wedding

Lavender for place cards

Ameblo - Style Me Pretty

Lavender can also be used when designing place cards. With a sprig or leaf in a delicate wooden box, it's up to you! Sources: Ameblo & Style Me Pretty

A table in nature

Style Me Pretty

Installed to create a small curve, these tables allow you to enjoy a nice view of the surrounding nature. The plus: bouquets of country flowers in pastel colors to decorate the table. Source: Style Me Pretty

Straw to create a table

Style Me Pretty

To create an original little corner bar for the reception, why not cover a bale of straw placed on the side of a pretty white tablecloth? All you have to do is then install tall stools with an old look. Source: Style Me Pretty

Coca bottles

MaeganBlair - Wedding Chicks

Transforming vintage Coca-Cola bottles into original vases to welcome country flowers is perfectly trendy. The proof in pictures. Sources: MaeganBlair & Wedding Chicks

Just Married on the tractor

Soroyalty - The Knot

Goodbye the old traction or the authentic 2CV and make way for the tractor which sports the famous "Just Married"! Here is an original idea that may surprise your guests! Sources: Soroyalty & The Knot

A burlap on the table runner

Style Me Pretty

To accompany your pretty wild flowers, we love the idea of ​​the table runner made of burlap, don't you? Source: Style Me Pretty

Flowers in the trees

The bride angry

If you have chosen to give your meal outside, here is a tip that you may like to decorate the trees: hang flowers using small golden cans. Source: The Bride in Anger

Green plants for place cards

Wedding Chicks

Nice these place cards made with small green plants. Not only is it a real charming asset on the table, but in addition your guests can leave with it! Source: Wedding Chicks

Gypsophila you want some here!

Wedding Chicks - Delightful Finds and me

The perfect flower to compose your country bouquets is without a doubt the baby's breath. Alone or accompanied, it gives a real touch of freshness. Sources: Wedding Chicks & Delightful Finds and me

Brown bottles

Ruffled - Wedding Chicks

If like us, you are a fan of old brown medicine jars, do not hesitate to place them on your wedding table to slip some wild flowers. Sources: Ruffled & Wedding Chicks

Flowers in zinc pots

Buzz Feed - Wedding Chicks

With its rustic side, zinc welcomes flowers in the form of a pot or watering can in country wedding decorations. Sources: Buzz Feed & Wedding Chicks

Hanging glass jars

Wedding Prideny - Indoors

We love these little glass jars that we hung to create a flowery and bucolic decor in the air. WE love ! Sources: Wedding Prideny & Indoors

A direction sign in the middle of the field

Rak Design

Made with old wooden planks, these direction signs are to be installed in the middle of the field to indicate the route to your guests. Source: Rak Design

Ancient vases

Style Me Pretty

The famous demijohns and large old glass jars are the darlings of weddings, and lend themselves to the country theme once a few flowers are slipped inside! Source: Style Me Pretty