List of the most decorative Christmas logs

List of the most decorative Christmas logs

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On the Christmas table, the log is truly the star of the meal! The great pastry chefs have understood this by offering logs with an ever more daring design in order to amaze our guests at the end of the meal. Discover our list of the most decorative Christmas logs!

Santa Claus Fauchon

Fauchon ### Fauchon offers to make your Christmas table very playful with a log in the shape of a Santa Claus hat! On the program: a cap of milk chocolate with small chocolate fish and crustaceans, seated on a milk foam cake with a tender heart like a ganache.

Rudy the reindeer by Jean-Paul Hévin

Jean-Paul Hévin ### Jean-Paul Hévin honors Santa's reindeer with a log with a red nose, wide-eyed eyes and well-trained antlers. Rudy, the all-chocolate reindeer is sure to appeal to young and old!

The Galaxy log by Arnaud Delmontel

Arnaud Delmontel ### At Delmontel, Christmas is magical with a galactic log which is none other than a Bavarian white chocolate, with a cream of blackcurrant and violet and an almond cookie. It's the glamorous touch at the end of the meal!

Picard pastry tree

Picard ### Finally, know that you can not find original logs only in large pastry chefs! Indeed, at Picard you will find a log in the shape of a fir tree to impress the gallery at the end of the meal.