Secrets of "Beautiful Gardens": water in the garden

Secrets of "Beautiful Gardens": water in the garden

Water is essential in the garden: because it feeds it, but also because it has no equal to liven it up, almost even to make it sing! This is how, echoing the rustling of the leaves and the murmur of the insects, we can sometimes hear the soft sound of the water flowing. From the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top, in a closed circuit or in a cascade, all directions and forms are allowed to him as soon as man demonstrates his inventiveness. It can be a discreet source that walks between the trees, a fishy pond decorated with water lilies, a round basin surrounded by boxwood, a tranquil fountain watched over by a statue ... Discover its many faces through the visit of some beautiful gardens.

Claude Monet's garden in Giverny

Claude Monet Giverny Foundation ## Monet's gardens in Giverny When you visit Monet's gardens in Giverny, you no longer know which talent takes precedence over the other, that of the painter or the gardener. Perhaps they are ultimately one, as it is true that his paintings transport us to the heart of nature, and that the converse is also true. To admire more water lilies and flowers, go here.

The Botanical Park of Upper Brittany

Botanical Park of Upper Brittany ## The Botanical Park of Upper Brittany Among the natural elements, water is the one that can take on the most different faces: calm, bubbling, winding ... or even air when it turns into morning mist. Inviting water to the garden also means offering yourself the chance to capture this kind of atmosphere full of meditation and magic, of which a garden such as the Botanical Park of Haute Bretagne is emblematic.

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden ## The Garden of Eden Water can sleep so well sometimes, that water plants - in particular duckweed - have every opportunity to colonize the surface. Then, it turns into an area of ​​deep calm, which only the jump of a frog can disturb. To continue the visit, go here.

Bambouseraie d'Anduze

Bambouseraie d'Anduze ## La Bambouseraie d'Anduze When the hand of man knows how to be forgotten ... to the point of offering landscapes that seem to have existed since time immemorial. Winding slowly through the heart of the Anduze Bamboo Grove, the water sometimes travels between simple banks of grass, sometimes, as here, between clothing rocks arranged in the river bed and along its banks.

The Gardens of Ambleville

Les Jardins d'Ambleville ## Les Jardins d'Ambleville Water is playful: it can rise in the air under the pressure of a jet, or flow with ease under the effect of gravity, then forming as many small waterfalls as its course will allow it. This series of successive basins is one of the pretty ideas of the Jardins d'Ambleville.

Martels Gardens

Jardins des Martels ## Jardins des Martels If water is an ornament, it is also an obstacle that must be overcome! If bridges are a safe and classic means, there are others more inventive, such as this footbridge which winds through the lilies of the Jardins des Martels.

Hillen Pottery Gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens ## Hillen Pottery Gardens Here, water is collected in a contemporary basin, nicely surrounded by a coping of flat stones. Its elongated shape is dressed up by the curves of the pottery and the slender silhouette of the neighboring cypress. A perfect combination of mineral and vegetable, for a very pure atmosphere! More inspiration in this slideshow of the Hillen Pottery Gardens.

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eric Sander ## Les Jardins d'Eyrignac Water, boxwood, stone, pottery, roses… So many ingredients that are sure to make a successful marriage, to the point that we cannot say which one puts the the more the others in value, as they seem to work in symbiosis. Here the water foams and simply snorts in the heart of a small round pool ... and the charm operates! Continue the visit of the Gardens of Eyrignac.

Visit of the Domaine de Chantilly garden

CRT Picardie - M. Chretinat ## Jardins du Domaine de Chantilly This search for the multiple forms of water in the heart of the gardens cannot be complete without mentioning the "water mirrors", these shallow aquatic areas which seem to welcome the sky on the ground. Le Nôtre, the faithful gardener of Louis XIV, is behind the most beautiful of them, including that of the Jardins de Chantilly.