Unusual: 10 quirky objects for the table

Unusual: 10 quirky objects for the table

Do you want to put a little originality on your table? Thanks to our selection of quirky accessories, your guests may well be taken aback. Funny salad servers, message bowl or car circuit board make the show for not so wise meals.

A magic water glass

Pied de Poule To give an original atmosphere to your table decoration, we replace the traditional water glasses with this glassware which incorporates chemical accessories. And to make you want to drink, we count on the inscription magic potion.

A salt / pepper duo like no other

Ambiance & Styles And so that the seasoning of your dishes is done in an artistic way, we adopt these funny salt and pepper shakers which take the form of a tube of paint because cooking is an art!

French fries cones at the table

Not without reason Do you serve French fries this afternoon? Play it fast food chic by adopting these ultra design french fries cones that will give a trendy and modern look to your plate. Something to please children.

The butcher at the table

Cocobohème Everyone or almost everyone knows the famous pink and white paper from the butcher. For an original note at the table, we adopt the placemats that take up this idea at Cocobohème. An idea that we forget if our guests are vegetarians.

Psycho coasters

Atypyk When the coasters are also animation accessories, this gives these models which take up the principles of psychology where everyone will see different things in the ink stains. For an enigmatic table, this is what you need!

A funny board

Atypyk To change unsightly trivets, put on this cutting board that takes itself for a book. A little literature at the table doesn't hurt!

Rabbits at the table

Chef'n For a playful touch, we install these funny rabbits at the table. In reality, they will help you salt and pepper your dishes for a meal that perfectly suits your taste.

Original bowls

Pied de Poule Rather than the first name of each one on the bowls, prefer an original bowl which takes again the characteristic of each one. To use only with your friends who have humor under penalty of not seeing them again.

Original salad servers

Atypyk To make serving the salad a little more fun than usual, opt for these funny cutlery sets that use mechanical keys and which are sure to create a surprise at the table.