I make my Christmas decorations

I make my Christmas decorations

This year, make way for novelty and originality with pretty Christmas decorations to make yourself. Cardboard reindeer, crocheted balls to hang in the tree, or even a woolen entrance door wreath ... here is a selection of 30 creative home made ideas to inspire and please all your family.

A revisited pinata

DIY Studio

The pinata, the star game for our toddlers' birthdays, is reinvented for gingerbread man parties. Made using cardboard, crepe paper and masking tape, it will delight your children! And don't forget to incorporate some sweets ... they will be won over! More info on this DIY: Studio DIY

A wreath of Christmas trees

Eliezer Jasso

In a more traditional register, we have unearthed for you this sublime Christmas garland in the shape of multicolored Christmas trees. Want to take the plunge? Cover glitter and glitter with your pre-cut templates using a cookie cutter. Once your pins are decorated, all you have to do is make a hole in each of them and then thread a wire through them. Tadam! More info on this DIY: Clo by Clau

Decorative trees

Oh happy day

The Christmas tree is a staple of the end of year celebrations that we do not hesitate to divert for the occasion. The beautiful idea: brilliant, ultra-graphic conifers for our Christmas dessert. To achieve them, nothing could be simpler. Just cut gift-wrapped cones, lay the pieces on top of each other, and then attach them to a wooden pick. Gorgeous ! More info on this DIY: Oh happy day

Personalized mason jars for Christmas

Simply Ciani

A jar, a miniature fir tree or any emblematic object of the holiday season and a piece of string will allow you to give an absolutely crisp magical touch to the decoration of your holiday table. More info on this DIY: Simply Ciani

A personalized gift package

Honestly WTF

If the hook has no more secrets for you and you are looking for an original idea to personalize your gift floors, here is a tutorial that should satisfy you. We challenge you to make them happen! More info on this DIY: Honestly WTF

Origami christmas balls

How about orange

Better than the traditional Christmas balls, here are pretty suspensions made using the origami technique. An idea that will surely appeal to fans of all kinds of folding. More info on this DIY: How about orange

A confetti ornament

A Lovely Lark

The confetti put on their festive clothes and transform into creative and original ornaments for our Christmas trees. Magic ! More info on this DIY: A Lovely Lark

A poetic Christmas wreath

Mandi Johnson

Sometimes it takes just a little bit to transform simple everyday objects into trendy and practical decorative objects. The proof with this delicate festive wreath designed mainly with ping pong balls and flowers. More info on this DIY: A Beautiful Mess

A centerpiece in driftwood

Sweet Rose

The Christmas table is really the one where you can indulge all your fancies. This year, make way for a pretty bohemian folk centerpiece made of driftwood, pine cones, masking tape and acrylic paint. Recovering and poetic, it will inevitably have a little effect with your guests! More info on this DIY: Sweet Rose

The pinecone and glitter centerpiece

Parisian notebooks

If the glitter puts you off, go your way! Otherwise, arm yourself with a very dry and sanded tree trunk washer and decorate it with several pine cones and glitter. For the flag, you will paint a wooden pic in gold, then customize to your liking the washi paper, which you will finally install in the hole formed on the wooden washer. More info on this DIY: Parisian Notebooks

Cutlery holders in a natural atmosphere


The regulars already know, "nothing is lost, everything is transformed". Even the branches purchased from the florist on which we can paint strips of different sizes and colors. Mini price, maximum effect! More info on this DIY: Cherries

Tealight holder!


The simplest ideas are often the best. So go to your brushes! A small glass jar, glitter, a candle and voila, with ease! More info on this DIY: Happiness Day

A powdered Christmas wreath

Parisian Notebooks

Each year, tradition requires, you install a wreath on the front door as a welcome. Romantic at heart, whatever, play the card thoroughly! Polystyrene balls, powdered washi paper, gold leaf, small ribbon… it's your turn! More info on this DIY: Carnets Parisiens

A snowball Christmas wreath

Just for woman

You don't have to be a knitting pro to make this multicolored crown. To do it, nothing could be simpler. First of all, you will cover polystyrene balls with balls of wool of different colors. You will then install a few Christmas balls and balls on a wreath which you will glue using hot glue. For more effect, do not hesitate to play on the diameters of the polystyrene balls. Tutorial via: Two Junk Chix

A handmade snow globe

Mango and Salt

At the editorial office, we literally fell in love with the quaint charm of this handmade snow globe. A fir tree here, a little rabbit there, polystyrene beads, white or silver glitter ... and you are in possession of a beautiful snow globe. Maximum effect! More info on this DIY: Mango and Salt

The mini glitter tree


Mini effort, maximum effect! If, like us, you fell in love with this sparkling glittery Christmas tree, there is only one thing left for you to do, head to Juliette's blog where you will print the pattern. Pattern which you will then reproduce on cardboard, then on which you will cut a notch in the middle: one at the top of a tree, and one at the bottom of the second. Finally, bend and glitter each part then assemble them! Easy right? More info on this DIY: Juliette

A PVC tree

Eric Piasecki Photography

Recover and green! For an original and offbeat Christmas, swap your thorn tree for a PVC tree! This will mainly consist of PVC pipes of different diameters and an isosceles plywood on which to place the pieces of pipe. Once finished, all you have to do is decorate your creation. Christmas balls, figurines of your child, paper patterns will do the trick! More info on this DIY: Martha Stewart

Crochet christmas balls

Bric'n Broc

Certainly these pretty white and golden Christmas balls are not the easiest to make for a novice and require good crochet notions, but, you will agree, they have a complete effect! If you decide to get started, you will just need a hook of 3.5, a marker ring, a ball of white wool or cotton, a ball of golden Lurex, padding and a good dose of patience! More info on this DIY: Bric'n broc

Christmas balls in patchwork fabric

Dominique Rowe

To make this home made Christmas ball, start by dividing a white polystyrene ball into eight quarters of equal size. Put parchment paper on one of the quarters then cut the triangle of paper thus obtained. Place the paper on fabrics with different prints, then cut out. And finally cover the ball by alternating the pose of the fabrics. Tutorial via: The world of Zorelie

A star suspension


Simple paper stars hanging on a string turn into a charm pendant for Christmas. Thanks to the origami technique and, following the tutorial, in two stages, three movements, a fabulous suspension will come to life thanks to your little fairy fingers. More info on this DIY: Seventy Seventeen

An angel-shaped suspension

Sweet Book

The pendant lamp in the shape of an angel, not original? False, with this decoration made with Posca and simple small ice cream sticks. First step, we assemble four sticks which we then color to delimit the feet of the angel's robe. Then, we stick over and in V two sticks, which will form the cape and the shoes then we have the arms with a stick. Finally, we glue the different components of the angel using white card stock previously cut. We sprinkle the wings with some glitter. And here we are with a pretty little angel. More info on this DIY: Sweet Book

Wooden suspensions


Traditional or handmade Christmas balls, choose your side! At the editorial 'our choice fell on these beautiful suspensions designed in wood. All you need is small wooden supports and masking tape. You just have to let your inventiveness speak. More info on this DIY: Orelane

Recycled light bulbs

Annie Cartonne

We are under the spell of these light bulbs transformed into pretty Christmas decorations using silver and gold glitter, paint and wire. In a cup, hung on the tree or on the edge of your fireplace, the choice is yours! More info on this DIY: Annie Cartonne

Star suspensions for fir

Who said that a big budget was necessary to decorate your tree? Surely not us! The proof once again with these pretty stars made with toothpicks and glue, to be placed in the branches of the Christmas tree. More info on this DIY: Zü

A ribbon christmas tree

By Isnata

When the tree is made of ribbon, it is installed on the handles of our doors, our windows or simply on our tree as a simple decorative object. Easy to make and very affordable, all you need is ribbons, thread, needle, beads and a pair of scissors. Tempting isn't it? More info on this DIY: By Isnata

A cardboard deer trophy

Cut, folded, reinforced ... the cardboard bends to every whim to spend a Christmas full of fantasy with this pretty deer that literally hits the canvas! First step, we cut the different parts of the deer in a large cardboard box and then we assemble one by one each of the parts and that's the job! More info on this DIY: Sweet Book

Christmas figurines in wooden beads

Yes Yes Yes Studio

To make these wooden figurines with a Nordic spirit, nothing could be simpler. You will only have to get wooden beads of three different diameters that you will assemble using a touch of glue, and voila! More info on this DIY: Ouioui Studio

A Christmas pennant to download

Magic Chick

Lack of time and means to make a Christmas decor worthy of the name? Here is the solution: the pennants to download! Exit traditional Christmas colors and make way for color with this very girly DIY. Print, cut, tape and hang and that's the job! More info on this DIY: Magic Chick

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