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Proud of my beige living room!

Proud of my beige living room!

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Beige is between white and taupe. Suffice to say that in decoration, there is a shade that allows associations with all the colors of the chromatic circle. And whether it is enhanced with a lively shade, or, on the contrary, soothed in shades of tone, it also goes well with all decorative styles. To adopt if you are looking for a color which you will not get tired and which will pass the modes.

A successful fifties atmosphere thanks to the beige

Ikea Easy to live with, beige is not new! Already in the 1950s, it was all the rage to exhibit both in the living room and in the bedroom.

Beige revisits furniture

Bemz The Chesterfield sofa in the living room has swapped its traditional English green for beige. A new version which offers all the doors of decorative interiors!

A very minimalist beige living room

Bemz Reduced to its simplest expression, the living room is dressed in beige walls so as not to break the serene harmony that emerges from this room.

Beige in a male version

Ikea Combine beige with black, you will get a more masculine atmosphere. An ultra chic duo that takes possession of curtains, cousins ​​and furniture as well.

Very chic beige with black

Ikea Very light beige, even off-white, combines with black for an elegant result. To be adopted by touches, it highlights your decor.

Beige, a soothing power

Ikea If you like stylish furniture, colorful carpets ... opt for beige in the rest of your decor. Timeless and combining with all colors, it tempers the result.

Beige for a stylish living room

Maisons du Monde The Gustavian style is characterized by the use of neutral colors such as beige. It generates a certain harmony which provides calm and serenity.

A beige living room, O risk!

Bemz Black and white photo, engravings, boat model, colorful cushions, green plants… all combinations of styles are authorized with beige. In addition to its soothing side, it also catches the light.

A beige country-style living room

Bemz Beige is also associated with all materials. Zinc table, parquet, wool plaid all will delight him! It is to be adopted if you are afraid of getting tired of the color.