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Téva Déco decors: details that do it all!

Téva Déco decors: details that do it all!

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The details in the decor play an important role. In addition to permanently setting the scene in a theme, they confirm your taste and your style for things well done. Discover through 10 Téva Déco decors, 10 details that change everything!

The copper reflections in the chic ethnic bathroom

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Copper is causing a sensation in decoration this season. Its golden reflections enliven the objects that adopt it and awaken the decor nicely. We love them in every room of the house and even in the bathroom! Learn more about this decor

A fluorescent touch where you don't expect it like in the Scandinavian style library office

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco The Scandinavian decoration advocates light colors that bring in light. White, cream, beige, light wood are at the top of the list. But this very wise spirit can be awakened with a touch of neon which gives it a more contemporary appearance. Plaids, cushions or notebooks are enough and add a touch of fantasy that will delight him. Learn more about this decor

A touch of kitsch in the American Vintage room

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Vintage style is on the rise. We find it everywhere but not to fall into the cliché of the 100% vintage decor, cheer him up by offering him one or two "granny" style accessories like canvas frames or old paintings. Learn more about this decor

The blackboard in the Téva Déco apartment: cuisine made in France

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Push the theme of "made in France" decoration by taking inspiration from the Parisian bistro style by painting a section of the kitchen wall with blackboard paint. Ideal for writing the menu of the day or more practical for leaving instructions for the whole family or even for booking appointments not to be missed. Learn more about this decor

A constellation that enlarges the space in the magical room

Aurelien Faidy / Teva Deco The stars are up to date in the children's room. Big winners of parents' favorite designs for decoration, use them in numbers to create a constellation and thus offer a feeling of depth. The white dots on the black background create an interesting perspective effect which enlarges the space. Learn more about this decor

The radiance of gold in the monochrome bathroom

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco Here we have a nice example illustrating the power of gold in decoration. In this all-white bathroom, the golden touch embodied by the mirror illuminates and warms the general atmosphere. A word of advice, however: use sparingly! Learn more about this decor

Put things in bells like in the Parisian candy-style bathroom

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco Staging is important when creating a decor. And what could be better than glass bells, also called globes of the bride and groom, to highlight your favorite collections or objects. Learn more about this decor

Simulate the fire with a multitude of candles as in the refuge in a hut spirit

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco The refuge spirit is embodied by cozy materials and the presence of wood. But what we like above all is the idea of ​​fire recreated by several burning candles and grouped together which visually warm the atmosphere. An easy tip to reproduce at home in winter to comfort yourself! Learn more about this decor

Decorate the exterior like the Marrakech terrace

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco Cendrine often emphasizes "take care of your outdoor space with as much care and taste as your internal space". The goal ? Create a pleasant perspective that extends your decor and invites the eye to look outside. Learn more about this decor