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7 taps to beautify the kitchen

7 taps to beautify the kitchen

At the end of the year, Franke and KWC are offering their latest innovations in terms of fittings. Light integrated into the spout, pull-out spray, unique design, the new models from these brands - which merged in 2013 - aim to transform your kitchen by bringing it a real trendy touch. Because yes, today, the faucet is an accessory that we take terribly seriously for a perfect combination with your sink or your basin!

The EVE model

Franke / KWC This sober faucet stands out in a daring kitchen. Its luminous ring, integrated in its extractable spout, adorns the water jet with a soft light and thus gives a playful dimension to its use.

The ÉVOS model

Franke / KWC The amplitude of its curves and the fluidity of its mixer with extractable aerator enhance this model of great sophistication. In addition to this chrome finish, this spout tap is also available with a combination of matt black or white.

The GRAMMY model

Franke / KWC This famous combination of chrome and matt black is shown here and gives this mixer a very modern look. Its lines allow it in addition to agree with the sink whatever its style and its material.

The PLANARIO model

Franke / KWC Combining aesthetics and functionality, this model is suitable for the most demanding users. The extractable aerator allows a greater field of action just like its spout with 360 ° rotation.

The ZOÉ model

Franke / KWC With its rather avant-garde style, this mixer tap undulates above the sink with great delicacy. And this faucet represents for Franke future trends in terms of design in the kitchen.

The SINOS model

Franke / KWC We love this mixer in brushed nickel with pull-out spray, an example of design and functionality. Its organic and refined style is a major asset to give elegance to a kitchen.