The grand hotel style in decoration

The grand hotel style in decoration

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The decor turns to the interiors of the most beautiful hotels to draw inspiration. A refined style, a spacious hall, a cozy living room, a silky bed line, a soft carpet, an open bathroom come into play to delight your daily life. A first step towards a change of scenery!

A room that invites you to relax

Ikea Very often your hotel room invites you to rest. That is why it emphasizes comfort. Warm colors, thick rugs, headboards and headboards are essential.

One corner only

Ikea There is a very special atmosphere that reigns in large hotels. Everything is impeccable, and in its place. Exactly like this relaxation corner composed of a comfortable armchair, a thick carpet and a flower vase with a single branch.

An entry worthy of the name

Maisons du Monde Each hotel lobby gives pride of place to flowers. They add a more personal side and a vegetal touch. Do the same at home by composing a stylized bouquet in your entry.

A bathtub in the center of the bathroom

Cedeo The lion's foot bathtub arranged as an island, we all dream about it! A majestic location that extends the feeling of well-being that comes with a good hot bath.

A stylish office

Maisons du Monde Indispensable in all hotel rooms, the office for writing correspondence (which we write more!). It has a discreet charm and is made of noble materials, ideal in a corner of the bedroom or living room.

A dream wardrobe

Ikea To store your clothes for the duration of your stay, the rooms of the major hotels offer a dressing area composed of wooden cupboards, an armchair to display your belongings and a large mirror to admire you once dressed. You know what you have left to do ?

A huge bathroom

Ikea The supreme luxury of large hotels is the XXL bathroom. Shower, freestanding bathtub, majestic chandelier, everything is there to make you feel perfectly at ease.

A relaxing lounge

Ikea Bet on a soothing atmosphere in your living room. Sober colors, comfortable sofas, long-pile carpets, heavy drapes ... offer soft comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Particular care given to the headboard

Ikea To display a grand hotel spirit in your room, do not overlook the headboard. Decorate it with silky cushions and equip it with light to read comfortably.


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