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Christmas decoration at low prices at Tati

Christmas decoration at low prices at Tati

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Do you want something new on the Christmas decor side? Go to Tati and her items at low prices! This year the shop invites you to discover its 3 worlds: Nordic Christmas, Traditional Christmas and Charming Christmas with pretty candle jars, glitter candles or funny wreaths. The editorial staff did their shopping there and found 10 Christmas decorations for less than 15 euros. Something to have fun without exploding your wallet!

A bright red tealight holder

Tati Placed on a buffet in the living room or in the hallway, or even on the dining table, this bright red tealight with reindeer head will infuse a Christmas air into your interior. 2.99 euros

Little heart

Tati This year, the wicker takes place on the tree with this little white heart that is hung on the tree with a pretty ribbon. 4.99 euros

Thousands of stars

Tati We love this transparent veil dotted with golden stars that we can easily place on a table already provided with a white tablecloth. 7.99 euros

A holiday candle

Tati We love this pretty candle in the shape of a child slipped into a small red ceramic pot. We don't hesitate to slip it onto the D-Day table! 3.99 euros

For the fireplace

Tati Children will be delighted to hang a pretty felt Christmas boot on the fireplace in which Santa Claus can drop the smallest surprises! 1.99 euros

A wooden crown

Tati On the front door or on the door of the children's room, why not install a pretty wooden crown that wishes Happy Holidays to all the guests? 14.99 euros

A Nordic touch

Tati To give your tree a Scandinavian feel, give it these pretty white, gold and silver balls. 7.99 euros

Gold and glitter

Tati Are you afraid of daring real candles at the table because of the number of children? This is no longer a problem with these glittery golden LED candles which have a scintillating false flame! 3.99 euros

A glitter ball

Tati We are under the spell of this white and glittery ball tied by an elegant Vichy ribbon. Ideal for a decoration between tradition and contemporaneity! 1.99 euros