When statues and statuettes create decor and decor

When statues and statuettes create decor and decor

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Create a cabinet of curiosity atmosphere


The cabinet of curiosities is again very trendy in the world of interior decoration. So to set the scene, consider offering yourself a choice:

  • A feathered animal sculpture (we are not talking about taxidermy here but animal reproduction!);
  • Reproductions of butterflies that you will put under bells.

Do not hesitate to stage your winged critters under bells of different sizes, and place them in the middle of other unusual objects such as dried vegetation or stones.

Treat yourself to a collection of statuettes


Sculptures can allow you to enhance a piece of furniture by installing a collection in it. Here, Egyptian statuettes multiply on the console to give it relief and give character to the room.

They are judiciously highlighted by blue vases and colorful flowers which contrast wonderfully with their ebony black.

Bringing water through the sculptures


Sculptures and decorative statues are not objects found only inside. Indeed, in the garden also you can install sculptures in order to dramatize the outdoor space.

And why not opt ​​for a model that incorporates a water feature in order to use the sculpture as a fountain ? Very design, the contemporary fountains give an incredible cachet to the gardens while allowing you to rock in the sound of the lapping of water!

Give a bucolic air to the garden


Still in the garden, you can accessorize the plant space by choosing different types of decorative statues:

  • metal animals that will create a bucolic atmosphere conducive to escape.
  • angels and cupids to give a little spiritual side to your exterior.
  • Madonna statues to bring a mystical dimension…

You are spoiled for choice!

Instill a Zen style


If you want to give a zen and soothing style to your interior, you will inevitably have to turn to the Buddha sculptures which will bring wisdom to your decoration.

In bronze, metal, ceramic, whatever: put the statuette on a shelf, sideboard or console, surround it with a few plants (bamboo for example), and you immediately get a decor that promotes well-being and to appeasement!

Create a quirky atmosphere


Some unusual or original sculptures can also allow you to create an original style and offer an offbeat look to your interior.

With a sculpture of giant Kokeshi or Maneki Neko for example, you will immediately bring a trendy Tokyo spirit to your home ... without paying the price of a plane ticket!

Bring an ecological touch at home


If you are looking for sculptures to create a green atmosphere in the house, bet on amazing pieces such as small sculptures made of papier mache recycled.

If you are skilled with your hands, you can even create them yourself for a 100% eco-friendly and homemade decor!

Give a mineral atmosphere


The sculptures can also allow you to bring different materials into your decoration. For a mineral atmosphere, you can opt for stones, placed as is or mounted on a base to create a real totem.

If you are a fan of mineralogy, choose the stones according to the energies you want to circulate at home, and do not hesitate to stage them in the middle of candles for a relaxing atmosphere.

Enhance a fireplace


Using statues as decoration can allow you to enhance any piece of furniture… and even the edge of a fireplace. For the best possible visual rendering, just keep a certain harmony between the different models (if you want to put several).

Otherwise, a pretty elegant little golden statuette always looks great on a dark marble mantel!

A bust to decorate a door step


Do you want to enhance your door step with a pretty decorative statue but you are not too fond of garden gnomes or bronze animals? No problem: opt for a pretty bust that will give an elegant and mysterious side to your exterior!

If you can, try to hunt for your bust: it will already have lived and some traces of wear which will not fail to give it cachet.

A life-size rocking horse


You have a large room to decorate and you are looking for a pretty and imposing decorative piece at the same time to dress the space in style. And if you opt for a XXL rocking horse or a life-size merry-go-round horse?

These pieces immediately give character, and create a special atmosphere as they are mesmerizing. Be careful though: they are not toys, so avoid letting your children get close to them!

An origami cat statuette


Origami animals are in vogue at the moment, and we see them almost everywhere! If you want to create a trendy decor without making a false note, you can invest your eyes closed in a collection of origami animal statuettes.

Cat, rabbit, deer, fox, bull, duck: there are all sizes, all colors, all species, and for all tastes!

Fruit-shaped statuettes


If you are greedy at heart and you want your passion for good food to be felt in your decor, no problem: instead of decorating your interior with statues representing characters or animals, bet on the fruit-shaped statuettes

Realistic ultra-resembling statuettes that make you want to bite into fake fruits or stylized statuettes, all models are a real pleasure for the eyes!

Framed animal heads


If you like them decorative statues in bestiary mode, know that you can put them on a fireplace or a shelf as well as hang them on the wall. Like for example this stylized deer head, superbly enhanced by a rustic wooden frame.

An original decoration that necessarily has its small effect!

Exotic statues for an ethnic decoration


To create an ethnic and exotic atmosphere in a living room, do not hesitate to combine furniture in safari mode (animal skin chairs, animal plaid, etc.) with XXL statues representing animals of the savannah.

Like for example giraffes, for statues while verticality, high in colors, perfect to dress for example a room with height under ceiling.

An animal bust statuette


Do you like animals but don't want too large decorative statues that take up too much space on your furniture? Know that you can cut the pear in half by opting for statutes ofanimal busts !

Aesthetic and original, they change classic human busts and exist in many models and many materials. The hardest thing will be to choose !

A wooden human mannequin


Do you want to add a little fun to your interior design inexpensively? So buy a small (or a large one if you find!) Model of human wooden articulated mannequin.

These small statuettes are malleable at will, and your model will not fail to fold in 4 to amuse the gallery by staging in positions or funny scenes. You can also buy a wooden articulated hand, and make it do what you want, from sympathetic gestures to more trash gestures with for example a raised finger…

A fake bird in a real cage


Do you like birds but you don't necessarily want to have a battery of birds that will chirp all day long at your home? Good news: by opting for super realistic statuettes of birds put in cages, you will have the impression of living in the middle of a pretty aviary ... but 100% decoration, 100% silent and which requires 0% maintenance and 0% care !

Mini figurines of angels


To bring a little softness, candor and beauty in your interior, no need to look for noon to two o'clock: put a few figurines of seraphim and cherubim on your shelves or your mantel. Add some natural and dried flowers to complete the decor, and you will get a romantic decor that couldn't be more charming!

Accessorize classic statues in fun mode


To bring a fun and quirky touch to your interior decoration, you can also choose to invest in a classic bust, place it on a base or hang it on a wall ... and accessorize it in a way fun to create a fun offset. For a 100% personalized decoration that will make you react without fail!