Choose your Beka teapot according to your style

Choose your Beka teapot according to your style

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The benefits of tea are no longer to be proven. Whether it comes from China, India or Japan, it delights us and does us good. To prepare a good tea, you need a real teapot. And to satisfy your decorative desires, these teapots are available in many styles. In cast iron, porcelain or stainless steel, what will be your favorite? To find out, discover the Beka teapots and make your choice!


Beka Are you looking for a teapot to have a cup of tea with your friends? The Song teapot, with its duck blue color, is ideal. In cast iron, it will keep your tea at a suitable temperature. Its capacity is one liter and its price is € 52.


Beka The Camelia teapot is the one to choose if you are used to having a good tea solo. With its pure lines and anise green color, the Camelia is as soft as it is feminine. Its capacity remains correct: 0.6 liters and its price too: € 42.


Beka The Claudine kettle is delightfully retro. All stainless steel, it has a charm. Thanks to its handle, it is easy and safe to hold. The Claudine exists in two models, 3.4 liters and 6 liters, it is compatible with all fires, including induction. From 39.90 €!


Beka The Tinto Nero kettle is resolutely contemporary. Its design is refined and marries perfectly the black color and the chrome. The Tinto Nero is made of stainless steel and hisses when the water simmers. The kettle can hold 2.5 liters, it is priced at 72 €.


Beka With its roundness, its magnificent pink color and its red ideograms, the Fu Cha teapot displays its Japanese accents without complexes. In raw cast iron, the teapot adapts to all fires except induction. It is equipped with a colander to enjoy all loose teas. The Fu Cha has a capacity of 0.9 liters, it is priced at € 40.90.


Beka The Shang teapot displays a design that is both natural and Japanese. Its bronze color appeals to us, as does its pouring spout, which looks like it can be mistaken for a trimmed reed. Like the Fu Cha teapot, the Shang has a colander. It is made of pig iron and keeps the tea at the right temperature. Its capacity is 0.8 liters, it is priced at 39.90 €.


Beka Nothing like a humorous teapot to finish a meal in a friendly atmosphere. For this, the Hamilton teapot is there. With its round shapes and bright color, it will seduce all your guests. This mixture of stainless steel and steel contains 2.5 liters and its price is 35 €.


Beka As chic as a Chanel jacket, the Nung teapot stands out with its glamor and femininity. All in cast iron, it seduces us with its red and black. The elegant teapot has a capacity of 0.8 liters and its price is € 42.


Beka The Mayumi teapot is the most traditional. We love its design, its black color and the cast iron that composes it. Mayumi is the purist's favorite teapot. It has a capacity of 0.4 liters, it is priced at € 95.


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