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I make my party table decor

I make my party table decor

Like the Christmas tree, the decoration of the table is an integral part of the magic of Christmas, so it is essential to pay special attention to it. To make your end-of-year celebrations a magical moment, you had already found 20 DIY Christmas menu ideas and place cards, here we are again with a selection of DIY to decorate your holiday table…

A Christmas village in a mason jar

Shabby Art Boutique

Since the decoration of the table is part of the magic of Christmas, also think of lighting it with pretty hyper decorative candles. You can make them using mason jar, like this model made with black cardboard and artificial snow. For this, take the measurement of the outline of your pot then trace a small village on the black card. Then cut it and stick it on your pot. You just have to sprinkle the interior with artificial snow and insert the candle. Magic ! * Tutorial via: Tips and crafts *

Very decorative candles

M Ladyzone - DIY all womens talk

When they are not on the trees, the pine cones invite themselves in our festive decorations like here with these pretty natural and authentic candles. To make them nothing more simple, you will simply have to cut the top of each of the pine cones in order to integrate small candles. Otherwise you can also use oysters which you will stick so that they form a candle holder. Tutorial via: BJD Haus Design - More info on this tutorial: Segreto secrets

Pine cones hanging

Marti Laura - Pinecone shoppe

Pine cones and fabric, here is the list of accessories you need to decorate the edges of your table nicely and give it a festive look. Very simple, it will only take you a few minutes to realize them! Tutorial via: Marti Laura & Pinecone shoppe

A magical globe

Classy Clutter

You liked to discover the traditional glass globes, then you will certainly fall for the old-fashioned charm of this handmade globe which recreates an enchanted universe. A fir tree here, a snowman there, a mini luge, polystyrene balls… and voila! * More info on this DIY: Classy Clutter *

Christmas jars

Craft and Creativity - Divia Arts

Here is a simple and inexpensive idea to make a festive table worthy of the most beautiful Christmas stories. On a jar, simply draw pretty very graphic flakes using correction fluid. You can then, at leisure, have small animals and artificial snow. Guaranteed effect! * More info on this DIY: Craft and Creativity - Tutorial via: Rock designs *

Rudophe finds a special place on the festive table

Welke - Krokotak

This time, we put in the spotlight Rudolphe, the little reindeer of Santa Claus with these two very funny ideas made using recycled materials: caps and toilet paper. To make the model on the left, cut two plugs so as to make the legs then glue them to a third which will act as a body. For the head, we finally take a cap that we stick to the body. Rope, a mini Christmas ball and voila! If you are an expert in cutting, opt for the right model which will be a sensation with young and old! * More info on this DIY: Welke - Tutorial via: Magicarton *

Very decorative cutlery holders

Interior design article - Kesi'Art

To add pep to your overly monotonous decor, you only have to cut pieces of felt and make two incisions in it to be able to slide in a fork and knife. Choose colors that go well with the rest of your table and cut out various shapes reminiscent of the holidays. For a more Nordic atmosphere, cut a long envelope into two pieces and then cut a strip of printed paper that you will stick on one of the pieces. Finally, decorate it with pretty cutouts and embellishments. Mini price, maximum effect! * Tutorial via: Kristina Clemens & more info on this DIY: Kesi'Art *

Green cutlery holders


Lovers of the recuperative trend already know that "everything is saved, nothing is lost". Even the branches purchased from the florist on which we can paint strips of different sizes and colors. * More info on this DIY: Morello cherries *

A forest of fir trees in paper doilies

Yes Yes Yes Studio

At the editorial office, we literally fell in love with this sweet and poetic table runner made from paper placemats. We give you the tips to make it happen! In terms of equipment, you will mainly need paper doilies of different sizes, large skewers and wooden beads. First step, cut the placemats and then glue them together so as to form cones. Then, we plant a spike in the center of the cones and insert a pearl. The operation is repeated twice with the two remaining placemats. Finally, we put a touch of glue on the last pearl ... and that's the job! A pretty DIY Christmas tree! * More info on this DIY: Yes Yes Yes Studio *

Natural place cards

Martha Stewart - Project Wedding

Easy to divert a pine cone or a small twig into an unusual but trendy place-mark. Just cut branches of identical size and glue or chisel the top of a pine cone and then place a cardboard with the name of the guest on it. * More info on these DIY: Martha Stewart & Project Wedding *

A very designer place card!

Spoon fork bacon

If you only have a short time to decorate your holiday table, go to the simplest with this very decorative place card. We take thick white sheets, we make two holes at the top of each one, on each side then we insert a small pine branch. Easy and efficient, we love it! * More info on this DIY: Spoon fork bacon *

Decorate and sculpt your fruits and vegetables

This blog is not for you

Nothing like giving a touch of pizzazz to your Christmas table decoration than adding touches of graphic color. So if you too want to feast your eyes and those of your guests in an original way, exit the traditional Christmas balls and make way for very gourmet decorative oranges made with cloves and clever utensils: cinnamon maker, cookie cutters fluted heart or oval spoon. One watchword, give free rein to your creativity! * Tutorial via: Fit and peach *

A very gourmet decor!

Gypsy Yaya - May Har Design

When the glitter meets the fruit it gives pretty sparkling and very gourmet decorations to install on the Christmas table decor. If you too want to recreate a magical atmosphere on your festive table, brush your fruit with glue varnish then sprinkle them with golden or silver glitter. * More info on this DIY: Gypsy Yaya ** - Tutorial via: Shiny Pin *

A table decoration worthy of the prettiest tales

Denis Boulanger

Snow White, Hänsel and Gretel and Le Petit Chaperon Rouge have to watch out! Between tradition and ancient tales, it is all the magic of Christmas that we find on this pretty table decoration. House and stars made from old antique books and using old corks, Snow White apple decorated with Posca felt, we love it! * More info on this DIY: Hello June *

A decor full of gluttony


Macaroons, cupcakes and cookies ... the gourmet style is, again this year, at the heart of the trend. So much so that it is installed today on the Christmas table decor. Witness this handmade pineapple made with a bottle of champagne, green and orange colored sheets of paper and chocolate. * Tutorial via: Thewhoot *

A graphic Christmas tree

Caisak - Madame Citron

What would Christmas be without the traditional tree? At Chez, we have found you two ways to integrate this beautiful Christmas symbol on your table. On recycled paper, draw two trees of the same size. Once the first shape has been cut, all you have to do is cut the second into two pieces of the same size, then glue the three pieces together. Followers of the origami technique, meanwhile, will follow the tutorial from Madame Citron which explains how to make a pretty Christmas tree using a simple sheet. * More info on this DIY: Caisak & Madame Citron *

A very colorful centerpiece

Parisian notebooks

Since this year, natural materials are coming back in force in the world of decoration, we make a centerpiece using a wooden log for Christmas. First step, we make holes in the logs. We draw fir trees in washi paper, we stick them to toothpicks and then we insert them on the log. Nice and easy to make, we want more! * More info on this DIY: Parisian Notebooks *

A fir tree on the plate

Clonesnclowns - Handimania

Who said that folding is an activity dedicated to children? Certainly not us! If you too want to initiate yourself in this art and bring a spicy touch to your Christmas table decor, discover these two very easy tutorials. Green or golden, it's up to you! * Tutorial via: Madmoizelle & *

An immaculate Christmas wreath

With its 10 little fingers

Exit the Advent wreath on the door, it is now elegantly installed on our festive tables. You have been seduced ? Let's go, we roll up our sleeves! Start by wrapping a LED garland around a polystyrene crown then cut small sheets that you will fold in the width direction. Finally, hang them delicately on the crown by alternating them. Bright and very decorative, we love it! * More info on this DIY: With its 10 small fingers *