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Small storage for small spaces

Small storage for small spaces

Do you run out of space? You then need storage that does not take up too much space and that allows you to optimize your rooms. To help you, we have selected 10 very practical small storage spaces. All to discover in pictures.

Storage pockets

Clementina Frog To store some clothes or papers, think of the storage pockets. They don't take up space until you put anything in them. They are easy to use, move and store in the blink of an eye.

A storage locker

Pierre Henry If you do not have the space to install a storage unit in your office, simply opt for a small metal locker to store your files. It can then remain on the desk without taking up too much space.

Small baskets for the office

Love Creative People Rather than pencil pots for your desk, choose these small cloth baskets whose size can adapt to your needs. If you don't use it, it can stay flat to slip into a drawer.

Storage bins

Muuto These storage bins are perfect for magazines or laundry. And the practical tip is that they can stack up to take up even less space.

Cloth boxes

Clementina Frog With these fabric boxes, storage becomes easy because if the box is not filled, it reduces its size. They also slip under a bed or in a cupboard.

A smart pocket

Happyspace No room for a piece of furniture in the entrance? We opt for this small module that allows you to slip mail, a phone and other accessories while hanging your coat.

Baskets to store everything

Mahatsara With the flexible baskets, you can store all your belongings. The smallest are used for bathroom accessories, the medium and large for storing linen or toys.

A wall organizer

Pa Design Whether for the office or for the organization of the house, we opt for a wall organizer that can accommodate pencils and other accessories that we do not always know where to store.

A metal box

Pierre Henry This metal box will be useful in any room. In the kitchen for fruit and vegetables, in the bathroom for towels or in the child's bedroom for toys.