I decorate my tree like on Pinterest

I decorate my tree like on Pinterest

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Let's face it, before we set out to make our Christmas tree this year, we spent hours poking around on Pinterest in search of the most inspiring photos. The editor suggests you discover the most beautiful trees that she has pinned as well as some tips to help you achieve the decoration of your Christmas tree without false note.

Your fir tree in a wicker basket

House Doctor Install your unsightly trunk in a pretty wicker basket for an authentic and natural result!

Animal patterns

Bliss Athome No more sad and personality-less atmospheres at the foot of the living room, for an original and warm Christmas decoration, bet on hypnotic animal motifs. An idea that will surely make your guests roar with pleasure!

A traditional Christmas

Lacquer and Linen Red and white light garlands, Christmas baubles in the spirit of yesteryear, gourmet suspensions ... we go back to basics and we dare to bet on a decoration of red and white fir in a traditional spirit.

Tree in all sobriety

My Scandinavian Home Even if Christmas is often synonymous with fantasy and excess, there is no need to make tons of them for the decoration of your conifer. A few neutral tones and well-chosen metal or wooden decorative accessories will be enough to make your tree look great. Source: My Scandinavian Home

Chic fir

Jamie Lauren If on the contrary you want to dress your tree with many decorations, keep in mind that it is better to hang accessories in the same tones for a harmonious effect. Source: The Glitter Guide

A white and silver Christmas

My white house The decoration of your living room is rather sober and chic and you do not want your tree to swear with it? You just have to opt for a total white and silver look, certainly classic but so sophisticated. An elegant and timeless decoration that will easily find its place in many interiors.

Pompons on the tree

Armelle Habib They already delighted us enormously in their classic version, we rediscover them diverted into pretty Christmas balls for the tree. An ingenious way to reuse the pompoms hidden in our cupboards. Source: Poppytalk

Perfect harmony

Bower Power Blog Since the Christmas tree is essential for the holidays, think of harmonizing it with your interior and with your table decoration. The result will be all the more aesthetic. Source: Bower Power Blog

Fairy colors

Stylizimo A tree dressed in shiny and matt balls selected in golden, silver and black shades will remind you of the magic of Christmas. Source: Stylizimo Blog

Choose your theme

Monica Buck Before you start buying your tree decorations, start by choosing a specific theme at the risk that it will not be harmonious. Nordic, natural, traditional, gourmet ... you are spoiled for choice. By respecting this rule number 1, you put all the chances on your side to have a tree worthy of Pinterest. Source: Country Living

Don't forget the stepladder

Worthingcourtblog Once your theme is well in mind and your decorations ready to be installed, think of the accessories that will help you decorate your tree. If the latter measures more than two meters, a stepladder will become an indispensable ally! This will save you from hanging your balls and garlands only in accessible places. Source: Worthingcourtblog

Build your tree step by step

Stéphanie tinkering Before you start, keep in mind that your tree must be assembled in a very specific order. We then avoid precipitation! Step number one: dress the base of the tree so that it is to its advantage. A golden biodegradable bag or a pretty red and white box will nicely hide the trunk. Source: Stéphanie tinkers

Hang balls and other decorations

The inspired room Once the base is decorated, it's time to move on to hanging the balls and other decorations. A delicate operation to achieve a harmonious result when several small hands get involved. Our advice to get there without problem: arrange the balls from bottom to top and all around evenly. The main thing is to space them more or less depending on the size of the tree and the number of elements you have. Source: Decocrush

We go to the garlands

Lia Griffith It is then the turn of the garlands to make their entry on the tree. They must meander around the balls already installed. To do this, lower them by turning around the tree and crossing them for a very harmonious result. Source: Lia Griffith

The pose of the star

Woohome Balls and garlands finally hung, it is time to complete the decoration of your tree in beauty with the laying of the star on the top. Source: Woohome

Take a step back

Woohome Here is your finished tree! All you have to do is take a step back to correct a few details: move a ball a few centimeters, straighten a garland ... and finally admire the result! Source: Woohome

Greedy fir desires

Dotcomwomen Balls and garlands are not compulsory if you have chosen a very specific theme. For example, for a gourmet tree, gingerbread houses and cookies will be your best allies. Add to that a few sugar canes and foil wraps, and voila!

A childish tree

Woohome To amuse the children, bet on playful decorations such as large snowflakes, large snowmen or even colorful gifts. They will be happy to hang them wherever they want for a tree that looks like them.

Play on the light

Thelilipadcottage If we like fir trees as much, it is surely because they celebrate our barely installed living room. So that they shine brightly until the end of the year, we do not hesitate to multiply the light garlands from top to bottom of the tree. This one dazzles us! Source: The Lili pad cottage

Nordic atmosphere

BHG Since the Scandinavian style is popular, why not dare it even on our Christmas tree? To do this, you just need to take soft white decorations and place them here and there in the tree. This is a most refined decor! Source: BHG

Use original accessories

Craftberry Bush The fir tree is also an opportunity to indulge in "homemade" creations. Here, it is an easy-to-make paper garland that has been placed over the entire height of the tree! Don't hesitate to grab the idea! Source: Country Living

Red and white for a traditional atmosphere

Sugar be crafts If like us you like traditional atmospheres, it is obviously on the red and white decorations that we must bet, from balls to garlands through socks that adorn the fireplace. We add a few touches of gold and silver, and here is a classic tree perfectly successful.

Natural decoration

Woohome What if you let yourself be tempted by a natural atmosphere? To share this style with your tree, you just have to adopt wooden decorations, pine cones, peacock feathers as well as balls in sober colors like brown or beige.

Give him the floor

Liluna This has probably not escaped you, the letters and words are the stars of our interior design. So why should the tree not benefit from it? We fall for this pretty black and white garland which brings a contemporary touch to the tree.

A diverted fir

Pinterest Are you tired of the white flocked fir tree bought last year? Come on, we will give you a little tip to divert it! Put a top hat on its top, create a snowman-like face and add a pretty scarf and a pair of shoes. We are sure you will love it again!

A garland

Jubiltree Notice to fans of originality, this Christmas tree is made for you! To make it, you just need to get a long garland made from fir branches and wrap it around a wooden structure like a teepee. You just have to hang your prettiest decorations!

An authentic tree

Make it love it Once the trunk of this tree is placed in a zinc basin, it takes on the appearance of yesteryear. It only remains to add old labels and small wooden birds for the touch of authenticity it lacked. We love !

Pine cones from the garden

Shelterness Do you have a thousand and one pine cones in your garden? It's perfect ! Buy some pretty golden string, create a tie and hang them on either side of the tree.

On the ice

Woohome A big white knot and small immaculate balls give this tree an atmosphere of purity like ice floes. Why not add a bright white bear at the foot of the tree to complete the decor?


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