Smart layout: I create two spaces in a room

Smart layout: I create two spaces in a room

Fortunately, for small spaces, there are big ideas. One of the solutions? Arrange two rooms in one, thinking above all of optimizing the space and ingeniously dividing the premises. Demonstration in pictures.

Baby space in parents' room

Ikéa ### When baby comes into the family, the house is not necessarily equipped with an additional room that could be intended for him. But next to mom and dad, a crib and a changing table easily find their place. We separate everything using curtains, and the baby room is created!

A "music" space in the living room

Ikea ### Large shelves will have been enough to insulate a corner dedicated to musical instruments in this living room. In order not to mix the corner "I play music" with the corner "I receive friends"!

A dressing area in my bedroom

Ikéa ### Who has never dreamed of having a real American-style dressing area in their bedroom? Despite the modest size of your room, know that by thinking smart, this dream could come true. Place a dressing room a meter and a half from the wall at the back of the room to create a corridor effect. Then put your bed against the back of this dressing room that you will cover with wallpaper to hide its lack of aesthetics, and voila!

An office space in the bedroom

Leroy Merlin ### Under the eaves, in this room, we took up the challenge of investing two spaces in one. Just pull or fold the curtain to separate or not the sleeping area from the office area. Even the color of the wall is concerned!

An office space in the living room

Ikéa ### Thanks to consoles along the living room wall, an ultra-discreet workspace has emerged in this living room. For all those who don't have the space to lock their desks in their rooms!

A toilet area in the bathroom

Leroy Merlin ### The little extra for bathrooms with integrated toilets? A screen that visually delimits the space and emphasizes the privacy of the small corner.

A kitchen area differentiated from the dining area

Ikéa ### Delimiting the space, this is the objective of this small kitchen which has chosen to stand out visually from the dining area with some storage furniture between the two spaces.

100% storage space in the studio

Ikea ### Because we lack space to store everything in the furniture of a small studio, why not place a long curtain one meter from the wall at the back of the room to hide all the unsightly storage? Discreet and clever!

Two sofa spaces in the living room

Ikéa ### So that children and parents can find their place on the sofa when the family receives visitors, we have simply created two separate spaces by placing two sofas back to back!