How to install your tablet in the kitchen?

How to install your tablet in the kitchen?

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Ipad and other touch pads are becoming more and more common in our daily lives… and even in the kitchen. Far from being essential, they nevertheless become a culinary utensil in their own right and even brilliantly replace our traditional cookbooks. Also, is it necessary to find installation solutions.


Centational Girl - Listotic

You can use your tablet in the kitchen without affecting your work space by installing it against a wall or on your fridge. This way you can easily watch videos, read recipes and listen to music when you prepare your meals. Sources: Centational Girl & Listotic



Elegant and stylish, think of hanging supports that will allow you to cook with ease without sacrificing precious space on your counter. Adjustable, you can also, if necessary, insert your mobile phone. Source: Etsy


CTA Digital

Integrating your tablet perfectly in your kitchen is possible with this adjustable and swivel aluminum support. Robust and elegant, it can be installed against a wall, hung on a kitchen unit or placed on the counter to easily access applications. Convenient mobile use! Source: Dump a day

In a drawer

LGB Interiors

To cook intelligently in your kitchen, a trick is to dedicate one of its drawers to multimedia objects: touch pad, phone or laptop. In this way, you will avoid the risk of splashes and soiling. And, to prevent them from discharging, you will install on one of the internal edges of the drawer a power strip. A practical and space-saving solution that did not go unnoticed by the editorial staff! Source: Houzz


Better homes and garden - The small and chic home

Transform your touch pad into a trendy and decorative accessory using a pretty frame. Enveloping shape and tangy color for a pop kitchen or strict lines and patina effect for a family home atmosphere kitchen, it's up to you! Sources: Better homes and garden & The small and chic home

Practical and functional


Have you and your touch pad become inseparable? That's good ! We offer this pretty hyper functional bamboo stand with three compartments to keep pens, notepad and earphones nearby. Bonus, its design allows it to repel everyday spills like coffee. Simply irresistible and perfect for cooking! Source: Trendhunter


Shanty 2 chic

Do you need a support to place your touch pad where you want it in your kitchen? Rather than having to extend a few tickets to buy the precious accessory in store, there is a much cheaper solution: make your tablet stand yourself. An idea to remember! Source: Shanty 2 chic


Sawdust and embryos

Do you have artistic flair and your budget is tight? Never mind ! You can just as easily make your own support by following step by step the tutorial overview on the Sawdust and Embryos blog. A wooden board, a few DIY accessories and a good dose of creativity will allow you to make this pretty support. Small effort, maximum effect! Source: Sawdust and embryos

Retrieve '

Knock off decor - Mamie Jane's

Finally, original and recycled, we love these pretty cutting boards diverted in support for Ipad. But you don't have to be a DIY pro to make them! All you need is a simple cutting board and a wooden support that you will assemble and voila! Sources: Knock off decor & Mamie Jane's