Secrets of beautiful gardens: the statuary

Secrets of beautiful gardens: the statuary

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Can it be a beautiful garden without a statue to adorn it? Certainly yes ! Nevertheless, art and nature have always been good friends, and if statues are not essential in the garden, they are precious for creating a special atmosphere or for delivering messages and symbols. And when we embark on the adventure, all atmospheres are possible: classic, meditative, baroque, contemporary, nod to antiquity ... Here is a gallery of examples taken from beautiful gardens: take support on these tracks to decorate your own garden!

Autumn in the garden

The Point Du Jour Garden ## The Point du Jour Nursery Garden Arouse good feelings! The peaceful silhouettes of this couple form an endearing whole, which encourages closeness. By crossing them, you may be tempted to grab the hand of your partner or to invite yourself with these two under their large umbrella. Visit these gardens

Visit the gardens of the Javeliere manor

Les jardins de la Javelière ## Les jardins du manoir de la Javelière Don't forget our animal friends! Even more than us, they have their place in nature, even if it was domesticated by the hand of man. Who knows, by giving them a symbolic place, perhaps their four-legged counterparts will be tempted to visit the place? Visit these gardens

Camifolia gardens

Camifolia Gardens ## Les Jardins de Camifolia Think educational! Here at Camifolia, "medicinal men" each suggest, by their own attitude, which parts of the body the plants around them act on. Visit these gardens

Forges Logis Gardens

Ghislain - Martine de Beaucé ## Les Jardins du Logis de Forge Water and statues go hand in hand. Sage and classic version in French, simple silhouette or abundance of body, reference or not to antiquity, statue spitting water or not… In this matter, all styles are allowed! Visit these gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens ## Hillen Pottery Gardens Open up to the surrounding cultures! Most trees and plants readily acclimatize under other skies than those under which they were born, we know that. Why wouldn't cultural symbols - like this Buddha - do the same? Visit these gardens

Valmer castle

Château de Valmer F. Duret-Lamouroux ## Les Jardins du château de Valmer Bet on safe bet! If you really lack inspiration, trust those who have proven themselves: a simple round basin decorated with a statue, and here is a field that comes to life immediately and acquires a much stronger personality. Visit these gardens

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

C. Recoura ## The Gardens of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild Invite to meditation and meditation! The gardens are privileged places to taste the calm of the environment ... and thereby create inner calm. Choose less transient spaces to place strong symbols of spirituality that will accompany this inclination. Visit these gardens

The exotic garden of Eze

The exotic garden of Eze ## The exotic gardens of Eze Play the card of contrasts! Here, the softness of the female silhouette responds to the spiciness of the cactus. In the same vein, we can imagine a wide variety of approaches: small statue highlighting the immense stature of a tree, round statue serving as a counterpoint to the slender figure of a cypress ... Visit these gardens

Castle park of Champs sur Marne

Christophe Bernard / CMN Paris ## The Gardens of Champs-sur-Marne Highlight the key points of the garden! The intersection of two alleys, the center of a plant labyrinth, the entrance to the garden… so many strategic places that a statue is able to symbolize, coming to bring them even more strength. Visit these gardens


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