Discover the 2015 novelties La Foir'Fouille

Discover the 2015 novelties La Foir'Fouille

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For the start of the new school year, La Foir'Fouille, specialist in home furnishings at low prices, promises us three decorative trends: the elegant and refined shabby chic style, the Scandinavian spirit revisited in a pop version and the romantic atmosphere for an all-round decor. slowly. Armchairs, cushions or even mirrors are available around these three styles and are obviously offered at low prices!

A pop clock

La Foir'Fouille To give a little pep to your living room or your kitchen in 2015, this clock imagined in a bright blue with big numbers will be your ally! 7.99 euros

Little toad

La Foir'Fouille To complete the shabby chic style of your living room, this little toad armchair with velvet finish is the ideal piece. As for its dark gray color, it will have no trouble harmonizing with the rest of the furniture. 89.99 euros

A romantic coat hook

La Foir'Fouille In 2015, you decided to decorate your entry or your room in a most romantic atmosphere? That's good, La Foir'Fouille offers pretty decoration accessories that will lend themselves wonderfully like this white coat hook in wood and metal. 9.99 euros

A raw wood chest of drawers

La Foir'Fouille We can perfectly imagine this little chest of drawers in raw wood in a little girl's bedroom with a poetic universe or in an entrance in a mountain chalet atmosphere. And you ? 39.99 euros

A blue-gray mirror

La Foir'Fouille In 2015, pastel colors have not said their last word, as this very elegant mirror imagined in a very soothing blue-gray proves. WE love ! 12.99 euros

A paper garland

La Foir'Fouille In the little girls' room or in a living room that wants to be feminine, here is a light garland made of paper that will have no trouble finding its place. 9.99 euros

A charming chair

La Foir'Fouille In a country chic spirit, this chair can be installed at the dining room table as well as enthroned in a corner of the living room. 99.99 euros

A very soft curtain

La Foir'Fouille Fancy bringing a touch of poetry to your interior? Easy with this dragée pink curtain covered with small white dots. The little extra that makes us crack: the cutting of the letters H O M E DIY way. 24.99 euros


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