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D-12: I make my Christmas tree

D-12: I make my Christmas tree

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Tired of needles all over the house and traditional decorations? The solution: make your own tree! Masking tape, cardboard, paint, recuperation, has selected thirty 100% do it yourself trees to inspire you. Lots of ideas to steal to create an original and unique Christmas decoration.

A minimalist Christmas tree

The Merry Thought What we like about this project is the investment and the minimal means it requires. A sanded blond wooden board, cut and assembled in two minimalist triangles and voila. Mini budget, maximum effect! Source: The Merry Thought

A miniature version Christmas tree

Little Inspiration Fancy an out-of-the-ordinary tree? Opt for these miniature cones that will surely impress your guests. Designed using wallpaper, gift wrap and strips of fabric, they will inevitably have their little effect when the time comes. Source: Little Inspiration

A trompe l'oeil Christmas tree

Cloud of Color Artist at heart, let your creativity speak by creating a contemporary tree with pieces of golden crepe paper, enhanced with small stars in black paper. A solution that will also allow you to optimize the space in the most elegant way possible. So tempted? Source: Cloud of Color

A wall Christmas tree

Ambrosia Creative In the same spirit, create a tree with a frame cut out in the shape of a triangle and a little wire mesh which you will later decorate as you wish. Source: Today Home

An ecological Christmas tree

Redhead can Decorate You can also make a funny eco-friendly and salvaged fir with a trunk and a wooden palette and decorate it with your traditional balls and garlands. Source: Redhead can Decorate

A recovered Christmas tree

Instructables A concept tree, that's an original idea! Far from the age-old conifer, it will be a ladder and wooden planks that will bloom your interior. Most of this decoration: you can make it last well beyond December. Source: Instructables

A paper tree

Frog Prince Paperie For an original and offbeat Christmas, swap your thorn tree for a paper model. This consists of green paper cones which once assembled form a tree. Proof that simplicity can sometimes have more effect than sophistication. Source: Frog Prince Paperie

A cardboard Christmas tree

Instructables Followers of the origami trend will rather opt for this cardboard Christmas tree made up of three interlocking parts to facilitate its storage the rest of the year. Seduced by this concept: do not hesitate to take a look at the tutorial available on the Instructables website. Once done, you just have to decorate your creation. Source: Instructables

A doll's house as a Christmas tree

Mr Printables Pleasing little girls has never been easier with this fun colorful and graphic Christmas tree. To achieve it, nothing very complicated. You just need to bring cardboard and paper and then download the template available on Mr Printables. An intelligent way to develop the imagination of our toddlers while allowing them to wait until D-Day. Source: Mr Printables

A natural tree

Digsdigs Driftwood or branches collected for a ride on a very natural homemade tree. Add a garland and some decorations, and voila!

A cardboard tree

Kara Rosenlund A light garland + a box + a cutter = the perfect equation for a simple yet magical homemade tree! Source: seen on Pinterest

A plywood tree

Sjoerd Eickamns Good, we grant you, you have to be a little handyman ... But if sawing does not scare you, this Dutch tutorial explains how to make a unique tree with a few boards and a little paint. Source: Vtwonen

A minimalist tree

Pinterest A few sheets of paper, masking tape and imagination, this is the recipe for this pretty minimalist DIY. To rethink with handwritten inscriptions or printed paper if you want a warmer result. Source: seen on Pinterest

A fir tree in a wooden pallet

Pinterest A recovered palette, an old paint bucket background and the usual Christmas decorations, that's all it takes to create a tree in a simple and funny palette. Source: seen on Pinterest

A tree in pounds

Kara Rosenlund A very nice idea for library rats, a tree made by simply stacking books. A light garland later and here you are with an original and poetic tree (and books that no longer hang around). Source: seen on Pinterest

A masking tape tree

David stark design A very simple tree to make with a little masking tape. Do not look for geometric perfection, it is the small nuances that will give it all its charm. Add a garland or taped cotton, and here is an original homemade tree made in a few minutes! Source: seen on Pinterest

A string tree

Deco crush A few thumbtacks and a string are enough to create a pretty shape of Christmas tree to decorate a wall. For a more magical effect, you can also make this DIY with a light garland.

A drawn tree

Biancas Wohnlust A wall, a pot of slate paint, chalks and imagination for a unique tree that children will love to doodle! And after the holidays, this painted wall will become a painting for the whole family.

A patchwork fir

Decocrush A tree designed like a moodboard, to compose according to what inspires you ... Perfect for decorating an office or a door! Source: Deco crush

A PVC tree

Martha Stewart Recover 'and eco-friendly, this tree is nonetheless sublime! To achieve it, nothing could be simpler! You just cut PVC tubes into different diameters and then arrange them on plywood. Once finished, all you have to do is decorate your creation: Christmas balls, your child's figurines, paper patterns will easily do the trick! Source: Hative

A tree of photos

Home my God A great way to honor all members of his family for the holidays. The idea? Arrange here and there photos of his relatives so that once assembled they form a tree. Then, you just have to install a small garland and the famous star using masking tape.

A recovered fir

Decoration and Design A few shelves, a small coffee table, two pennants and a few decorative items ... this is a pretty tree that will certainly appeal to small budgets! Source: Decoration and Design

A Christmas tree in rolls of gift wrap

At Little Tipsy There are those who opt for a traditional Christmas tree and there are those who prefer to be original. Goodbye classic Christmas tree, here is the homemade Christmas tree, made with love and especially with these few rolls of gift paper, a wooden board and a few small buttons. Source: A Little Tipsy

A fabric tree

Pitch Engine Live Ok, ok, this tree is certainly not the easiest to make, since you need to have sewing bases, but it is so successful that we couldn't resist showing it to you! If you decide to get started, you will need different colored fabrics, a sewing machine and a little patience. Source: I do it myself

A fir tree in light garlands

Bajiroo That's a bright idea! Make your own Christmas tree from pretty white garlands on a colorful wall. No need to clutter with leaves or decoration, you have everything you need at home.

A fir tree in a log

Jennifer Ferrana Are you short on budget or just want to do things differently this year, then go for the log tree. Authentic and natural, it will inevitably have a little effect!

A fir tree with wool

Element Eden A simple ball of color will make an ideal Christmas tree! The possibilities and shapes are endless and easily achievable with this technique. So, get your balls of wool!

A tree made with repositionable stickers

Facil y sencillo Also think of the repositionable Christmas bauble stickers to create an ephemeral tree but just as original. Its more? It can be used again the following year, all without damaging your walls, or even making traces.

A butterfly tree

Stephanie Bricole Finally, if you are an expert in cutting, then you can also opt for this very poetic Christmas tree made with simple white sheets. For more effect, prefer sheets of different colors. Source: Stephanie Bricole