Offer a birdhouse for birds in your garden

Offer a birdhouse for birds in your garden

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If you are lucky enough to have a garden rocked by the song of birds, it is time to set up a shelter for them where they can settle down and make their nest. Quickly, discover our top 10 nest boxes, each one more beautiful than the other! Nightingales, chickadees and sparrows just have to be careful…

A felt nest box

Muskhane ### Muskhane revisits the bird house by offering a poetic and beautifully colored version in felt. Long live spring, long live color!

A wooden birdhouse

La Redoute ### Natural bird shelter at La Redoute, here it is! An adorable raw wooden birdhouse to hang from the most beautiful tree in the garden…

A braided straw nest box

Fly ### Another version of a 100% natural birdhouse that will blend perfectly into a tree in your garden to welcome the messengers of spring!

A birdhouse like a house

Truffaut ### Nice birdhouse in the shape of a pink house that will not go unnoticed in the garden.

A birdhouse for the great tits

Truffaut ### Truffaut offers nest boxes specially designed for great tits whose ultra natural birch design we love!

A nesting box for robins

Truffaut ### Each bird has its own house! This is definitely what the Truffaut stores claim with this other model of nest box, this time designed only for robins.

A 3 in 1 birdhouse

Truffaut ### Birds are also entitled to their large family card. The proof with this pretty mailbox-style birdhouse with 3 little houses!

A Winnie the Pooh birdhouse

Truffaut ### The pleasure of hanging a birdhouse in a tree with the help of mom or dad, that's a real child's pleasure! Twice the pleasure when the nest box is adorned with pretty colors and pretty designs in honor of the adorable Winnie the Pooh!

A Minnie birdhouse

Truffaut ### Another model of nesting box for children, this time, just for little girls! Mickey's sweetheart wrapped the birdhouse with her pink fetish color and patterns with her effigy!