Flight of butterflies in the decor

Flight of butterflies in the decor

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In spring, the butterfly effect flaps its wings in the decor of young and old! One more step towards poetry thanks to which we feel lighter…

Butterflies on the wallpaper

Ikéa ### Here, the purple color is not the only one to hold the secret of the femininity of the piece, also revealed by the wallpaper adorned with peacocks and butterflies ...

Butterfly wall hooks

Go to your room ### The coat hooks also imitate butterflies because the graceful look of a flight of these pretty winged insects on the walls is a dream.

Butterflies on cushions

AM.PM ### Pretty butterflies have put their delicate wings on the cushions bringing poetry into the room.

Butterflies on the window

Goal ### Create the illusion and the decoration on the window, such is the will of these adorable purple butterfly stickers.

Butterfly paintings for a cabinet of curiosities style

Maisons du Monde ### It is difficult to allude to the butterfly trend without mentioning the famous butterflies placed under frames, characteristics of cabinets of curiosity, of which here is a beautiful series.

A butterfly on the bed linen

Paragraph ### Yes to butterflies on the bed linen in the little girls' room! Because the universe which is dear to them wants to be filled with softness and lightness…

Slate butterflies stickers

Delamaison ### To leave small sweet words on the walls, note an event not to be missed or a shopping list in good humor, we adopt a slate sticker ... in the shape of a butterfly!

Still butterflies on the wallpaper

Leroy Merlin ### Who said that toilets are not a decorative piece? Wrapped in a succession of retro roses and pretty butterflies on the walls, these prove the opposite…

Butterfly coat rack

Vertbaudet ### In the little chipies' bedroom, the traditional parrot coat rack has been replaced by a coat rack… butterfly! Its tip deploys two pretty wings and two pretty antennas and 4 small hooked butterflies installed on its base to accommodate twice as many vests, scarves and hats!