Funny hooks!

Funny hooks!

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This year, the coat hooks become essential to our interior! Decorative element in their own right, they are the decorative touch of our entries allowing us to hang coats, scarves and jewelry in style. The proof with these 10 models identified.

For thrill seekers

Umbra Are you a climbing fan or would you simply like to have some great adventures? These little hooks in the shape of snowmen are made for you. Set of three "Buddy", multi-colored coat hook Umbra, € 19.99 at Delamaison

The kings of the jungle!

Rob Tannenbaum / Bloomingville To amuse kids, nothing better than pretty animal hooks, very popular this year. And why not make them yourself? Another nice idea that we owe to Martha Stewart. To make your children want to hang their coats when they get home from school, create these pretty DIY hooks yourself. Source: Martha Stewart and Deco-graphic

A chic and easy DIY

Shanty 2 Chic To make these very chic coat hooks to install in your entry, nothing could be simpler. Bring pretty black frames, as many hooks and pins as well as a long chain not too thick. The idea is to decorate the wall of your entrance with these pretty frames in which you slip pictures of your family members. Below each frame, attach an iron hook. Everyone will have their own coat rack to hang their coat. Find the full DIY on the Shanty 2 chic website (instructions in English)

Spa ambiance in the bathroom

Viva Terra For a spa and relaxation atmosphere, opt for these coat hooks topped with natural rocks in the bathroom. Set of three rock coat hooks, around € 130 at Viva Terra

For journalists or singers

Big Game These coat hooks in ash and flocked foam make a nice reference to the microphones of the singers and journalists and welcome our clothes in an original way. Set of 5 "Micro" hooks from Big Game, € 110 at Mustache

A little color

Umbra To add a colorful touch to your hallway, this hook with removable hooks is what you need. Hook with 3 hooks, 25, 46 at Amazon

Retro coat hooks

Céline Alata for FrenchyFancy We tell you, the coat hooks have never been so decorative! The proof with this series of pastel coat hooks that blend perfectly with a retro-Scandinavian interior.

DIY wooden coat hook

Miss I know everything Want to tinker pretty hooks on Sunday afternoon? Follow the tutorial of "Mlle je sais tout" to create beautiful two-tone wooden coat hooks. Source: Miss I know everything

Drops for your umbrellas

Normann Copenhagen In the shape of drops, these pretty coat hooks hang on the wall for a wet decor. "Dropit" coat hooks by Normann Copenhagen, 21 € on Amazon


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