30 DIY to simplify your life

30 DIY to simplify your life

A billboard for recipes

Young house love

Cork plates fixed on the inside of a closet door, that's the great idea to keep the weekly menu and other favorite recipes nearby. Mini budget, maximum effect! More info on this DIY: Young house love

Storage for rings

Michele ng

Buying special jewelry storage is often expensive! The solution: a cardboard box and foam! No more rings scattered around your room with this storage tip that only takes 5 minutes to make. More info on this DIY: Michele ng

Unscrew a jar using a tennis ball


Divert a tennis ball as an accessory to open your jars, this is an original idea! No more fighting with your jar of jam, it’s now easy to open! More info on this DIY: Instructables

Cork storage table

The 3 r's blog

Do not throw your corks away, they could help you make a storage table at a lower cost. A recuperative tip that will certainly make your daily life easier! More info on this DIY: The 3 r's blog

A fluff cage

The Griffiths garden

Tired of seeing your children's stuffed toys and toys hanging around their rooms? The solution: the toy cage. Designed using ropes, they will allow your children to store their toys easily once their game is over. More info on this DIY: The Griffiths garden

Hide his sons


We all have unsightly cables at home and overflowing power strips that pollute our spaces. The good idea: hide them in a piece of furniture pierced at the back to let the wires pass. More info on this DIY: Instructables

A fixing for cables

Clover and dot

Having a computer, a phone or an iPad is great, having tangled cables that drag everywhere less. So to avoid the drudgery of looking for them tirelessly, use tape and a plastic clip. More info on this DIY: Clover and dot

Over the rainbow

Brit + co

Here is a solution that will delight all fahionistas! To make room and order in your closet, remember to organize it by color and size. You will save time in the morning and be happy to have a dressing room in the colors of the rainbow. More info on this DIY: Brit + co

A roll for his plastic bags

Simply organized

Save time and space in your cupboards with this handmade bin bag dispenser. Practical and inexpensive, it has it all! More info on this DIY: Simply organized

Pliers to hang cables

The family handyman

Otherwise you can also use tweezers to hang them. A useful and practical DIY to simplify everyday life. * More info on this DIY: Welke *

Jars for small equipment

Jessica Peterson - Better Homes and Garden

Saving space while storing your work supplies or makeup accessories becomes child's play if you decide to opt for transparent jars. Simply placed or fixed to a shelf, it's up to you! More info on this DIY: Home organization

A metal ring to store your elastic

Hippie Hugger

So that your rubber bands no longer drag everywhere and you can easily access them, the carabiner is the perfect accessory! Open it, insert your elastics one by one, and here is a homemade elastic organizer! * More info on this DIY: Hippie Hugger *

Clothespins for headphones

All about manners

Say goodbye to the box where all the headphones get tangled! With two clothespins customized with a marker and a touch of glue, you can store and organize all your family's headphones. * More info on this DIY: All about manners *

A credit card for his earphones

Andrew Camardella

Otherwise, you can just as easily use your old credit card or your used loyalty cards. A few scissors on the top and bottom of the card, three holes: two on the right for the earbuds and one on the left for the plug ... all you have to do is wrap your headphones around the card. * More info on this DIY: Apartment Therapy *

A table to organize


If you are somewhat upside down and looking for tips for storing your things, here is a solution found: the organizer table. To achieve this you will need pieces of pine and cork, black paint, adhesive rolls and your DIY kit… and off you go! * More info on this DIY: Curbly *

Storage for paint tubes

Nick Jainschigg

Painting and creative leisure enthusiasts will tell you, finding adequate and accessible storage solutions in his workshop can quickly become a real headache. So, to remedy this situation, here is an idea that should delight them. To make this storage, all you need is a wooden board, a few nails and wire. So everything is in its place! Tutorial via: N. Jainschigg

An organizer to sort your things


If there's one thing kids like to keep close at night, it's their stuffed toy. To simplify his life, and if he does not have a bedside table, the idea is to create an organizer where he will take pleasure in storing his stuffed animals or his books. Sewing enthusiast, head to the sewing machine. * Tutorial via: Design and DIY Magazine *

A piece of furniture to hang backpacks


Ok, ok, this piece of furniture to suspend your business requires good DIY ideas, but it is so successful that we did not resist the urge to show it to you! If you have a lot of time in front of you and you are resourceful, you can recreate this piece of furniture by following the tutorial. Beautiful wooden planks, a few screws, a DIY box and let's go! * More info on this DIY: Scattershot *

Clothespins for socks

Decor Ganize crafts

A major problem in the logistics of a family: the management of socks. To overcome this, opt for an effective and practical solution with this original support made using a board and a few clothespins. Reduced purse or simply lovers of Do It Youself, this solution will allow you to sort and store all your pairs properly, at a lower cost. * Tutorial via: Top Inspired *

A book to store and sort letters


In the list of complicated things to store, the letters often arrive in the right position. So to prevent them from scattering and dragging on our desk, we take an old book and paste a few pages between them. Smart and practical storage to adopt urgently. * More info on this DIY: Buzzfeed *

Magnetic bowls

A girl and a glue gun

A smart DIY to store all your metal accessories: paint magnetic bowls of the color of your choice then install them on a metallic board that you will attach to your wall. The most organized will choose a specific color for each accessory. * More info on this DIY: A girl and a glue gun *

A wall-mounted accessory organizer


Simple, practical and pretty! To store your sunglasses, ties or electrical cables, make a support by piercing a board and attaching a cord or elastic. Who said storage doesn't mean decoration? * More info on this DIY: Stylowi *

A tidy cupboard for pots

Organizing Homelife

Ah, the happiness of the saucepan… Always crowded, often not easy to access, in short, not practical at all! Forget all that with a very simple DIY: install an adjustable utensil organizer in your closet. On the same principle of the dishwasher, the bottom of the cupboard can then be used to easily store all your pots and pans. * More info on this DIY: Organizing Homelife *

Put away your hairdressing equipment

DIY n crafts

A great idea to save space and store hair dryers and straighteners: PVC tubes and a wooden storage box hanging from a closet door. To make these DIY, just cut PVC tubes or simply take a storage box and attach them to the wall. * More info on this DIY: DIY n crafts *

A rack like no other!


Use tennis balls and a suction cup to make a small, practical rack. In this way, keys, letters and other everyday accessories will finally find their place! * More info on this DIY: Duitang *

Cable storage


No longer throw your toilet paper rolls, recycle them in a clever and practical storage for all your cables. To do this, take a dozen used rollers and assemble them with scotch tape. You just have to install them in a cardboard box and place your cables and cords. Easy as pie ! * More info on this DIY: Stylowi *

A calendar to never forget birthdays

A crafty escape Katie

Tired of forgetting the birthday dates of your family and friends? Thanks to this handmade calendar, remembering birthdays becomes a breeze. Seduced by this concept, it's now your turn to play! A wooden board, a few fasteners, oval wooden tablets painted in different colors… and that's the job! * More info on this DIY: Modrykonik *

Very practical hangers

101 woonideee

You do not know where to store your paper towel, never mind! Make your daily life easier by recycling your old hangers. Practical and aesthetic, thanks to this funny support you will no longer see life the same way! * More info on this DIY: 101 woonideee *

Varnishes to organize your keys

A bubbly life

How to find your way around when you have a key for the house, a second for the garage and another for the office? Simply by establishing a color code with its favorite shades of nail polish. And, for a more opaque finish, it's best to apply a second coat. More info on this DIY: A bubbly life

Support for recovered telephone

Make it love it

Your bottles of liquid soap are not necessarily intended to end up in the trash, be aware that you can also transform them into a practical support for phone. A few scissors, paper to decorate it and voila! The art of recycling with ease! * Tutorial via: Mod Poge Rocks *