10 ways to fold pancakes

10 ways to fold pancakes

Folding pancakes is an art in its own right. Coiled, folded in newspapers, in four, in slippers, in a fan or in cornet ... many techniques exist. Learn how to shape and dress your plates on Candlemas Day through our ten techniques and tips. Something to impress your guests on D-Day!

Fold in four

Planet - My cooking factory This technique, very popular for Suzette pancakes, requires placing the filling in the center of the pancake and then folding it in half twice. You will then get a gourmet pancake in the shape of a triangle. Source: Planet & My cooking factory

Fan folding

Audrey Loze As for each of the techniques already presented, spread the filling on your pancake then fold down the lower left then right side. You will get a triangle, one side of which is in a semicircle and where part of the filling is visible. Delightful ! Source: Smiling taste buds

Double folding

Gopixpic To make this double folding, start by spreading, in a straight line, the filling in the center of your pancake. Then, you just have to fold one side of the pancake over the filling, then the other. A real breeze! Source: Gopixpic

Roll up the pancake

I breathe i'm hungry You lack time to prepare your plate, here is one of the simplest techniques! You just have to, as the name suggests, spread the filling over your whole pancake and then roll it from one of the ribs. Source: I breathe i'm hungry

The fold in pocket

Eocrep The folded pouch is ideal for both pancakes and savory pancakes. First step to make it: put the filling in the center of your pancake then fold the bottom to cover half of the filling. Then fold the right side and then the left side over the side and fold the top of the pancake over the whole. Source: Eocrep

Slipper folding

The wicked noodle Particularly recommended when there is a mirror egg in your filling, the technique of fold in the bootie is quite similar to the previous one. You must therefore spread your filling in the center of the pancake and then fold the four sides of it so that the filling remains visible in the middle. Simply sublime! Source: The wicked noodle

Triangle folding

Bled Micky As with the folding of the booties, this technique is particularly recommended if you want to keep certain elements of your filling in evidence. Once the latter spread, fold the edges so as to form a triangle. Source: Bled Micky

Folding in cornet

Paysan Breton / D3 Studio To make these delicious cones, start by spreading the filling on your pancake. Fold the latter in half then roll it up so as to obtain a handy cone to take away. Second possibility: spread the filling when the pancake is folded in half. Source: Choumicha

Folding in chaplain

Wine & Co - Harmony2011 Do you want to impress your guests? Opt for a chaplain presentation. Place the filling in the center of your pancake then lift the edges towards the center to form a small bag. And finally, tie everything with a lemon zest, a wire, or a sprig of chives. A chic and original presentation, which will surprise your guests! Source: Wine & Co & Harmony2011